Josef Albers

Josef Albers (* 19. March 1888 in Bottrop; † 25. March 1976 in orange, Connecticut) was a German painter, art theoretician and - paedagogue.


after the study at the academies of arts of Berlin,Meal and Munich stepped Albers 1920 into the building house in Weimar (starting from 1925 in Dessau, 1932 - 1933 in Berlin) and remained there up to its locking by the national socialists in the year 1933, starting from 1923 alsoTraining activity (starting from 1925 as building caretakers). Afterwards it went together with his Mrs. Anni Albers into the USA, where it worked until 1949 on the Black Mountain college in North Carolina. From 1949 to 1959 it stood kind for the department of the Yale universityforwards. Besides it had numerous Gastdozenturen (among other things in Harvard, hard Ford, Havanna, Santiago de Chile and Ulm).

Albers experimented much with the effect of colors, forms, lines and surfaces one on the other, with the subjectivity of the optical perception: “Only the lightdoes not deceive ". With its designs on the basis of optical deceptions it belongs beside Victor Vasarely to the founders of the OI kind. Into this connection also its most famous series of “Hommage ton the Square " belongs, their pictures always equivalent outthree or four into one another geschachtelten squares of different colors exists. The colors are never mixed, but directly from industrially manufactured colors laid on, whose noted article numbers of the painters on the back of the pictures. Thus it becomes evident that the same color everafter environment completely differently the viewer affects. Therefore Albers is ranked also among the representative by hard edge.

In Albers birth city Bottrop gives it since 1983 the didactically well arranged Josef Albers museum to square.


  • 1924 “park”, Gallery, London would do
  • 1942 consequence “graphic tectonics”, Josef Albers museum, Bottrop
  • starting from 1950 series of “Homage ton the Square” (“Huldigung to the square”), to Josef Albers museum, Bottrop

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