Josef Bohuslav Foerster

Josef Bohuslav Foerster (* 30. December 1859 in Prague; † 29. May 1951 in Nový Vestec) was a Czech composer.

Foerster studied at the conservatoire of Prague. It moved to the opera singer Bertha louder one, to Hamburg, with its wife, where it worked as a critic and since 1901 as a teacher at the conservatoire. There he became acquainted with Gustav of meals , with which soon a close friendship connected to him. From 1903 to 1918 Foerster as a critic and teacher in Vienna lived. Then it received a place as a teacher at the conservatoire of its hometown. 1921 he became a professor for composition and led Institut from 1922 to 1931. Afterwards it was to 1939 directors/conductors of the Czech academy. 1946 he was appointed the national artist.

Foerster composed operas, five symphonies, sinfonische seals, Suiten, Ouvertüren, one cello and two Violinkonzerte, chamber-musical works, religious of choir works, fairs, Motetten and songs. Foersters style is particularly affected of Antonín Dvořák. Later a partial approximation to more modern music directions becomes apparent. Its romantically coined/shaped music ideal however never denied Foerster.

His 1942 and 1947 Autobiografie “the pilgrim published in two volumes, is an important document of the cultural life of the time at that time. Josef Bohuslav Foerster was actively, priority also as painters from landscape paintings.


  • symphony No. 1 D-Moll
  • symphony No. 2 F major
  • symphony No. 3 D major “the life”
  • symphony No. 4 C-moll “Easter eight”, 1905
  • symphony No. 5 D-moll
  • Cyrano de Bergerac, sinfonische seal
  • Hymnus of the angels
  • Stabat mould
  • Mortius fratribus
  • Missa Glagolytica
  • the holy Wenzel, Oratorium
  • Debora, opera, 1890/91
  • EH, opera, 1895-97
  • Jessika, opera after William Shakespeares buyer of Venice, 1902-04
  • Nepřemožení (the Unüberwundenen), opera, 1917
  • Srdce (the heart), 1921/22
  • Bloud ( that gate), opera, 1935/36
  • of five caper quartets


  • Památník J. B. Foerstera, draws up from J. Bartoš, P. Pražák, J. Plavec, Prague 1949
  • Dějiny české hudební kultury 1-2, Prague 1972, 1981


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