Josef Brönner

Dr. Josef Brönner (* 12. May 1884 in green field in bathing, † 21. January 1958) was a German politician of the CDU.

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lives and occupation

after the Abitur completed Brönne, which Roman-catholic faith was, language studies in France and Italy. Subsequently, it went for three years into the USA. In the First World War he was a soldier. After end of war he worked first as an interpreter and studied at the same time on the right of and political sciences in peppering castle and Freiburg in mash gau, where he 1921 to the Dr. rer. pole. attained a doctorate. It was member of the “league for the protection of the German culture” and worked from 1921 to 1924 at the “Württembergi economical society” in Stuttgart. From 1924 to 1928 he was a director of the realm center for homeland service. After its removal from office as mayors he worked until 1945 as an advertising manager of the public building society Württemberg.


1946 was Brönner member of the condition-giving state meeting Württemberg bathing. The German Bundestag belonged it since the first election to the Bundestag 1949 up to its death.

public offices

from 1928 to 1933 was Brönner mayor in bath Mergentheim. 1933 it was relieved because of “political unreliability ” of its office as a mayor.

1945 to 1946 it was land advice of the district Mergentheim (today come up in the Main deaf circle).


Brönner 1954 were distinguished with the Order of Merit.


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