Josef Joffe

Josef Joffe (* 15. March 1944 in Litzmannstadt, today Łódź, Poland) is a German journalist.

It buildup in Berlin and studied and. A. at Harvard University and attained 1975 the Ph.D.

Since April 2000 Joffe member is in the publisher committee of the weekly paperthe time “. From 2001 to 2004 it also their editor-in-chief was, common with Michael Naumann. Before it Joffe director/conductor of the department was „foreign policy “with the South German newspaper. Its journalistic career began Joffe 1976 with „the time “, only as a political editor, then as a boss of the department „dossier “.

As a lecturer in international policy Joffe in Munich, at the John Hopkins university taught, in Harvard as well as in Stanford.

Josef Joffe always used itself as an engaged Jew for the interests of the State of Israel and the GermanIsraeli communication. As Atlantiker and constant columnist in some American newspapers he counts beside Henryk M. Broder to the most well-known proponents of the Iraq war in the German press landscape.

Josef Joffe is engaged, so in numerous Kuratorien and committees bspw. with the German museum Munich, the Aspen of institutes Berlin, the union of progressive Jews in Germany, that internationally University Bremen, the Ben Gurion university of the Negev as well as the Abraham violonist Kolleg potsdam.

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  • peace without weapons? The controversy over the Nachrüstung, 1981
  • Ko-author, that were the eighties. Review of one decade, which is approaching for us, 1982
  • The Limited Partnership: Europe, America, and the of burdening OF Alliance', 1987
  • Ko-author, Eroding Empire: Western relation With Eastern Europe, l987
  • Ko-author, A Century's Journey: How the Great Powers Shape the World, 1999
  • over power: America's imperially Temptation, 2006 (German: Hyperpower)


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