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Josef laboratory, (* 29. June 1842 in Horowitz (Böhmen); † 26. April 1924 in Vienna) was a Austrian composer and pianist .

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already Josef laboratory gotten sick as a small child 1845 at sheets and went blind thereupon it. It received its education at Blindeninstitut in Vienna, its musical training took place at the music conservatoire of the society of the music friends and others with Simon Sechter and the pianist Eduard Pirkhert. Already early concert tours led it to France, England, Russia and Scandinavia, and brought laboratory in contact (and later friendship) with - also blind - the king George V. of Hanover.

Already 1865 it appointed royal chamber pianist Hannoverani yard, to which occupation of Hanover moved to Prussian-Austrian by Prussia in war, in which Hanover at of Austria side fought, laboratory with king George V. 1866 to Vienna in the exile. Here it worked as a piano teacher, among other things from Arnold beautiful mountain, Julius Bittner and Paul Wittgenstein, and was friendly with many, also younger, musician colleagues closely, among other things with Franz Schmidt.

Its piano play was praised by the contemporary criticism because of its not only technical completion and „plastic beauty “, also its comprehensive art understanding was emphasized. 1875 he let train in addition in Gmunden by the famous church musician Johann EH gelist having ore as the organists and became 1904 by the award of the title „k.u.k. Yard organist “excellently. On Veranlassung of his pupil Paul Wittgenstein by the universal edition 1912 nearly everything of its works was shifted at expense of the family joke gene stone. Its deduction is in the Viennese municipal library.


(selection from its printed compositions)

  • Sonate for violin and piano OI. 5
  • piano quartet OI. 6
  • Sonate for Violoncello and piano A major OI. 7
  • topic and variations for horn or Violoncello and piano OI. 10
  • Quintett for clarinet, violin, Viola, Violoncello and Pianoforte OI. 11
  • Orgelsonate h-moll OI. 15
  • Bend Ben Capriccio for 2 pianos to four hands
  • Quintett for piano, violin, Viola, Violoncello and retort bass
  • Concert for violin and orchestra G major


P. Kundi, Josef laboratory. Its living and working, its piano and organ work. Together with thematischem catalog of all compositions. 2 parts. Diss. Vienna 1963

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