Josef Maria Reuss

Josef Maria Reuss (* 13. December 1906 in Limburg at the Lahn; † 5. June 1985 in Mainz) was bishop in Mainz and Titularbischof von Sinope.


after the study of theology in Freiburg i. Break. and in Innsbruck 1930 were geweiht to the priest. 1934 it became the Dr. theol. attained a doctorate.

Starting from 1940 Reuss war minister was in Russia, later worked it than Gefängnisseelsorger in the military prison of Frèsnes. 1945 it became rain of the Mainzer of seminar for priests and professor for Pastoraltheologie.

In the year 1954 its appointment and consecration took place as the Titularbischof from Sinope and bishop in Mainz, 1956 became it also member of the cathedral chapter.

Reuss participated also in the second Vatikani council . In the surrounding field its it belonged at that time to to most stepping out and most formed members of the German episcopacy.

1978 it, already longer to the wheelchair, was bound relieved of its obligations than bishop.

working and work

Reuss did particularly out during the priest training, which it led in the diocese Mainz as rain of the seminar for priests from 1945 to 1968 and where it could set yardsticks.

In addition as outstanding to emphasize its achievements in the area are the before and Familienpastoral.

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