Josef Martin farmer

Josef Martin farmer (* 11. March 1901 in baptizing churches (Vils); † 15. March 1970 in Dorfen) was a German writer.

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Josef Martin farmer visited the High School, put 1920 down its Abitur and should thereafter theologian become. It broke however its priest study off and pierced themselves afterwards with different opportunity jobs, until it became 1927 editor and late editor with that local newspaper in Dorfen. For its first novel, the settler novel “eight-settle “, received it 1930 the “youth price of German storytellers”, which put the foundation-stone for its writer career.

Farmer was drawn into the Second World War and mounted into this period of Europe highest summit, the Caucasian Elbrus. Its it described experiences in its war diary “Caucasian adventure “(1950).

In its most famous novel “so far the feet enter afterwards “tell it its true history of a Russlandheimkehrers . The book was filmed and translated into 12 languages.

1951 created farmer the revised version ford ago of the kite pass.

honors and honours

  • 1930 youth price of German storytellers

of works

  • eight-settle, for 1931
  • the salt road, 1932
  • Caucasian adventure, 1950
  • so far the feet carry, 1955
  • Kranich with the stone, 1958
  • the slope, 1960
  • humans at the wall, 1962

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