Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele (* 16. March 1911 in Günzburg; † 7. February 1979 in Bertioga, Brazil) was a KZ-physician in concentration - and extermination camp Auschwitz and notoriously for its people attempts, which caused mostly the death of the victims.

Josef Mengele

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as an oldest son of a wealthy Swabian familyfamily family he studied anthropology and medicine with emphasis genetics in Munich, Bonn and Vienna. ItsSchoolmate J. Serving brook expressed itself after 1945 over Mengele with the words, „it wanted to be not simply only successful, but also against the mass stand out. It was its passion to be famous. It told me once that I a daily its name in the encyclopediawould read. “

1931 joined Mengele the young steel helmet , which was transferred 1934 closed into the SA. Mengele left the SA a little later under reference to its state of health. it joined 1937 the NSDAP, 1938 the SS . it announced itself to 1940, after it itsSummoning to the armed forces had received, voluntarily to the weapon SS.

After it had completed its medical state examination and its Medizinalpraktikum, it was at of Professor. Otmar baron von Verschuer led Institut for hereditary biology and eugenics at the University of Frankfurt actively, that into race-hygenic practice of the„Third realm “and z was integrated. B. Appraisal for obligation sterilizations wrote or its members at the collection of Sinti and Roma for Deportationen took part. it attained a doctorate to 1935 with the Anthropologen Theodor Mollison; the title of these 1937 published thesis writing read „race-morphologic investigation of the frontLower jaw section at four rassischen groups “. Its 1938 published medical doctor work carried the heading „for kinship investigations with lip Kiefer Gaumenspalte. The third publication, with which Mengele went into action, was called „for the transmission of the Ohrfisteln “. With these work appeared, in which direction it itsResearch work to see understood wanted: Mengele was convinced trailer of the racial theory and the eugenics of the ruling powers during the time of the third realm.

Josef Mengele

camp physician in Auschwitz

after a Verwundung at the east front returned Mengele 1943 to Berlin. As one thatPhysicians of the KZ Auschwitz Birkenau , became this got sick to 30. May 1943 by Josef Mengele replaces. In Auschwitz Birkenau he experimented particularly with twins and Kleinwüchsigen, who represented the exemplary expression „of the Abnormen for him “. Besides also gypsy children of large interest were for it; it wantedsee the statements of the racial theory confirmed by comparisons between them and the other arrested children. , It tried to justify their susceptibility for brandige dying of the cheeks (Noma), resulting from complete physical and mental exhaustion, from a plant „of the race “.

Mengele took, howall other KZ-physicians, selections among the newcomers at „the ramp “like also in the camp for the Gaskammern forwards. The execution of fastidious operations it preferably left Assistenzärzten. It concentrated on its people experiments as well as the corpse sections made afterwards. It killed examinedwith phenol injections, if it wanted to determine a result by autopsy. A goal of its acting and Mordens was a Habilitation, to which it however never came.

escape after South America and death

short before arrival of the Red Army fled Josef Mengele to 17.January 1945 from Auschwitz into the KZ large roses and could continue its mörderischen machinations still short time. Then it fled again, and found to 6. February 1945 with a armed forces itsness Unterschlupf. This unit by the Americans in looking stone was interned, Mengele remained however unidentified andbecame after three months under his correct name to dismiss. At this time the Americans knew still nothing from the identity of the “death angel of Auschwitz”. After it had pierced itself into its hometown Günzburg, it hid itself starting from autumn 1945 under the name „Fritz Hollmann “upa remote farm in the upper-Bavarian Mangolding with rose home.

In April 1949 Mengele fled Helmuth Gregor then on the so-called rat line under the name „“to Genova, where he itself to 20. June 1949 on the steamer North King after Buenos Aires embarked. There livedit to end of the 1950er years with the help of other fled war criminals and falsified departure papers of the red cross. Under wrong identity it entered still at least once to Germany. After the search for it had then begun, it fled first to Paraguay. After thatKidnapping Adolf of calibration man he hid himself in São Paulo, where he lived last in rather ärmlichen conditions. Mengele died to 7. February 1979 in Bertioga during one summer vacation by a swimming accident. It suffered an impact accumulation and drowned afterwards. This was however still some timeafterwards in Germany unknown. Thus press agencies still announced in December 1980 with reference to related Mengeles it want now to the German law to place itself.

1985 were discovered its grave by German, American and Israeli investigators. Within fewer weeks the identity of the corpse could almost free of doubtsare confirmed. At the latest since the execution of an appropriate DNA - test in the year 1992 death Josef Mengeles applies as proven free of doubts.

in Brazil letters and diary notes were brought to deduction 2004 by Mengele to the public. These became for it to a large extent from the German inPortuguese one translates. The coincidence find throws light on some the last thoughts and life circumstances of the SS-physician. In the documents it becomes clear that Mengele does not repent of its acts. It defends besides „the heterogeneity one of the races “. Also Mengele therefore played in the year 1972 with the thought, to Germanyto return. („However as is today my homeland? And is it still my homeland? Isn't it received me as an enemy? “). The yellowed 85 documents were since 1985 in the archives cabinets of the Brazilian federal police in São Paulo, after them in dwellings of friends andAcquaintance Mengeles guaranteed were.


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