Josef fur of Felinau

Josef fur of Felinau (* 24. October 1895 in pc. Polarized; † 15. February 1978 in Berlin) was a writer, an actor, a film script and a radio play author.


Josef fur of Felinau originated from a mährischen family. Its grandfather Joseph fur became of emperor Franz Josef I. Joseph fur knight of Felinau raised and were then called 1879 into the nobility. Its grandchild Josef visited the military academy and besides the conservatoire in Vienna. He worked then short time as a deck officer at the merchant fleet of Austria. To about 1915 it wrote an extensive poem with the title “the fall of the Titanic “in the preface of the booklet indicated it, on board the “Carpathia”, the rescue ship of the” Titanic “- survivors, to have been. This statement at that time approx. 20-year old, which served probably only to make its book more interesting pursued it the remainder of his life. Later it that was very embarrassing.

After it had acknowledged the service with the navigation, it pulled later with written dramatic poems on tour by Austria and by Germany. It was very successful with it (e.g. with “the fall “of the Titanic”. A melodramatisches Epos. “).

After the abolishment of the titles of nobility in Austria after the First World War Josef fur knight of Felinau temporarily and after its removal called itself Josef fur Felinau to Berlin (1922) Josef fur of Felinau. In Berlin it arose in Kabaretts also with briefly Tucholsky and Erich Kästner, had its first radio play (at that time a new kind) in February 1925 in the Vox house Berlin and went on appearance journeys. Starting from 1930 it created whole radio play series over famous musicians.

it wrote its book “ Titanic” to 1936. The tragedy of an ocean giant. This received 1939, 1944 and 1950 changed text versions. This book was translated into different languages.

After the Second World War it created radio plays over famous scientists and Russian discoverers and researchers. To 28. November 1950 would send the southwest radio Baden-Baden for the first time its packing radio play “Titanic”.

Josef fur of Felinau created hundreds of radio play manuscripts, which are including some clay/tone photographs developed from it now in German broadcast archives in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

It is buried on the cemetery army route in Berlin, and in June 2004 the senate of Berlin took up his grave to the honour grave list of Land Berlin.

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