Josef Stefan

Josef Stefan

Josef Stefan (original Jožef Štefan; * 24. March 1835 to pc. Peter with Ebenthal (today to complaint ford); † 7. January 1893 in Vienna) was a Slovenian mathematician and physicist from Kärnten (see. Kärntner Slovene).

Stefan studied since 1853 in Vienna and habilitierte there 1858 for mathematical physics. 1863 he became a professor of physics at the University of Vienna and 1866 director of the physical institute. From 1875 to 1885 he was a secretary of the mathematical-scientific class of the Academy of Sciences in Vienna, 1883 presidentthe international scientific commission of the electrical exhibition and 1885 president of the international conference of being correct clay/tone.

It concerned itself with the propagation of the sound, the polarization, interference and birefringence of the light, the diffusion and thermal conduction of gases, the dependence of the radiant heat on the temperature as well as with electro-dynamic featuresand the induction.

After it the Stefan Boltzmann law as well as the Stefan Boltzmann constant are designated.

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