Josefine Gallmeyer

Josefine Gallmeyer (* 27. February 1838 in Leipzig; † 3. February 1884 in Vienna) was a Austrian actress and theatre directress of German origin.


Gallmeyer was the illegitimate daughter of the actress Katharina Tomaselli; their father was an opera singer Michael Greiner. 1842 accept it the names of her stepfather Christian Gallmeyer .

With 15 years Gallmeyer debutierte 1853 at the city theatre in Brünn. From there out it was engaged to the united German theatres in Budapest. The present Treaty was already quit without notice it after short because of insubordination and Insubordination.

Back in Brünn it appeared now strengthened as Parodistin and to 1856 of Johann Nepomuk Nestroy was discovered. It got it 1856 to the theatre in the Josefstadt in Vienna. Co-operation gestaltetete itself probably very unpleasantly and Gallmeyer went back to Brünn.

Apart from appearances in Brünn it gastierte also in Hermannstadt and Temesvar. There director Friedrich Strampfer engaged it for his house and provided for it also a tour to Germany. It gave an appearance at the Viktoriatheater in Berlin and at the yard theatre in Dresden, but their cholerischen behavior because of it remained with an appearance.

When Vienna took over 1862 Friedrich Strampfer the theatre at that, it got Gallmeyer to itself to Vienna. With the Possen of Ottokar Franz Ebersberg and Karl Kostia reached Gallmeyer finally its break-through.

1865 changed it to the Carl theatre. Jacques open brook, from which she promised herself the one role, refused writing for it also only one line. Starting from 1875 it led the Strampfertheater, which 1884 had to close however because of insolvency together with the writer Julius roses.

It tried to reorganize itself the years 1882 to 1883 very successfully with a tour by the USA. Subsequently, it arose alternating at the theatre at that to Vienna, Carl theatre, Hamburg, Berlin and Graz .

Their countless affairs and its prodigality were characteristically and nearly already proverbial. Temporarily Gallmeyer was considered as very wealthy, but due to their immense charity, Josefine Gallmeyer at the age of 46 years died become impoverished at the 3. February 1884 in Vienna.


  • from pure hate (1883)
  • Sarah and Bernhard (1884)


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