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Heroi landscape with the rainbow

Joseph Anton cook (* 27. July 1768 in Obergiblen with Elbigenalp in the Lechtal, Tirol; † 12. January 1839 in Rome) was a Austrian painter.

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cook was a Austrian farmer son, who taught itself its first artistic steps. On the occasion of its Firmung 1785 he was equipped by prince bishop of Augsburg , Clemens Wenzeslaus of Saxonia, with a scholarship and could visit the high Carl school in Stuttgart thus as pupils.

There comprehensive artistic training was made possible for it. When the French reached revolution 1791 Stuttgart, cook these ideas followed. Because of political suspiciousness he was arrested and threatened with the Relegation. Cook forestalled the school line and left the school without conclusion.

Cook followed a circle of Jakobinern, only in Strasbourg and 1792 after Biel/Bienne in Switzerland. Its long migrations by the alpine valleys found their precipitation in its later landscapes.

1794 were possible it for cook with a scholarship of its Mäzens George Nott to travel to Italy until Neapel visited 1795 Salerno and Paestum and established themselves finally in Rome , where he studied with the German Klassizisten Asmus Jakob Carstens, whose figure compositions it in its own pictures followed. In the periphery of Carstens cook met and. A. also the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, with which it got used to itself.

Since 1797 it operated as draughtsman and Radierer and illustrated themselves works Homers and Shakespeares. To a stay in Vienna (1812 - 1815) cook returned to Rome and became one of the personalities in the artist circle of the Lukasbrüder, rising up out, which later admit Nazarener under the designation became. This circle of young artists, among other things Peter von Cornelius, Joseph von Führich, Friedrich Overbeck, Franz Pforr, William of Schadow, Julius Schnorr of Carolsfeld and Philipp Veit scharte soon around cook and oriented themselves artistically at him.

He dedicates himself on suggestion of the painter God-dear sends, whom he knows from the high Karl school, since approx. 1803 increasingly the oil painting, where it orients itself at the French models Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain. At 1803 cook began to explore the closer environment of Rome. It was accompanied thereby by its colleague Johann Christian pure-hard. Friedrich Olivier and Franz Horny change later on the same traces.

1806 married cook the Cassandra of the same age Ranaldi. With their it had three children. The famous architect 19. Century Gaetano cook is a descendant Joseph Anton of cook.

Peter von Cornelius transferred it parts of painting the Casino Massimo (mansion Massimo), where cook from 1824 to 1829 worked on a cycle from Fresken to Dantes “Göttlicher comedy “.

To to his end of life cook painted, remained however poor despite artistic acknowledgment. Only emperor Ferdinand I. set few weeks before his death for it. of Austria large courses a pension out. At the age of 71 years Joseph Anton cook died to 12. January 1839 in the Palazzo Galoppi in the proximity of the Quattro Fontane. He found its last Ruhestätte in the Vatikan, on the Campo teutonico beside the Peter cathedral.

Joseph Anton of cook late work is characterized by the peculiar connection of figuraler composition with large landscape panoramas. The surfaces are sharply outlined and in clear, bright colors held. With all detail accuracy the emphasis rests on the harmonious composition of the alps - and Toskana - landscapes, whereby the idealizing and mythisierende intention is unmistakable. 1805-1811 the developed picture “the Schmadribachfall” (2. Version in the new Pinakothek, Munich) applies in the professional world as new beginning in the alpine representation.

work listing (selection)

  • Heroi landscape with rainbow, 1804/1815, Munich, new Pinakothek
  • landscape with Ruth and Boas, 1803/04, Copenhagen, Thorvaldsen museum
  • the ruins of the emperor palaces in Rome, 1804, Heidelberg, Kurpfälzi museum
  • of Wasserfälle with Subiaco, 1813, Berlin, national museums
  • The Schmadribachfall, 1821/22, Munich, new Pinakothek
  • landscape with Macbeth and the witches, 1835, Innsbruck, animal oiler federal state museum


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