Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider

Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider (* 11. March 1915, † 26. June 1990), also admits as J.C.R. or simply „Lick “, is one of the most important persons in the computer science. The psychology professor was a man, who pointed new directions out with its visions during the hardware and software development. It is considered as the father of the AI (artificial intelligence), more modern interaction - concepts to computers, as well as the time-sharing and the Internets.

In the cold war he worked on the Project LEGEND (Semi AUTOMATIC Ground Environment), the computer-based air-defense system of the USA. 1950 changed Licklider from the Harvard University to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH).

Into its 1960 published articles: „One computer Symbiosis “described Licklider the concept of a simpler interaction between humans and computer. The article was based on the work of its small research group with the US arms supplier Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) in the late 50's-years. This had sketched and had realized one of the first time-sharing systems to a computer of the company Digital Equipment corporation (DEK) on the first PDP-1.

In August 1962 Licklider in a set of notes a global computer network („the Galactic network “) described, which contained almost all ideas, which mark today Internet.

In October 1962 the director of the United States department OF Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA offered and/or. ARPA) Licklider on to develop and lead a research department. Thereupon Licklider changed to ARPA and created there information the processing Techniques Office (IPTO). Now Licklider was in a powerful position and could so its conceptions further publicise. Also in Washington it supported the time-sharing. At that time Lickliders program criticized computer establishments. One was the opinion the fact that time-sharing represents an inefficient use of computer resources and is to be therefore not further pursued.

1968 became Licklider the director of the Project MAC to ALSO. This research program led to the commercial time-sharing and later to the Networking. Licklider was a colleague of Douglas angel beard, the boss of the Stanford Research of institutes (SRI) and the trailblazing on-line system (NLS).

Further earnings/services Lickliders are to a large extent unknown - one could attain a doctorate in former times at no American university in computer sciences, then Lickliders work justified the mechanism of the appropriate research basis on directly four of the best universities of the country.


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