Joseph Fesch

Joseph Fesch (* 3. January 1763 in Ajaccio on Korsika; † 13. May 1839 in Rome) was a French cardinal and archbishop of Lyon.


Joseph Fesch was born as a son of a Swiss, captain of a Swiss regiment in French service. His father had 1757 the widow Ramolino, the grandmother Napoleon I. mütterlicherseits, married, thus stepbrother Laetitias, the nut/mother Napoleon I.

He should prepare in Aix for the religious conditions, stepped however during the French revolution into the war administration, stood then with Montesquious army in Savoyen, received to 1796 with the first Italian campaign its nephew Bonaparte an employment as a war commissioner, had however due to many against him according to become complaints that he geplündert, in particular painting robbed, this office soon again to lay down. It turned 1801, after Bonaparte the concordat with Pope Pius VII. closed, to the religious conditions back, Domkanonikus became Bastia, in April 1802 archbishop of Lyon and 1803 cardinal and French envoy at the papal yard. 1804 it accompanied the Pope for coronation/culmination Napoleon I. to Paris, the church wedding Napoleon and Josephinens carried out, Grossalmosenier of the empire, count and senator and 1806 by the prince Primas Dalberg to the Koadjutor and successor was selected in the evening before the coronation/culmination. It präsidierte 1810 to of Paris a council of the French Klerus and spoke themselves on the same so decided for the Pope and against its treatment by Napoleon out that it had to live from now on to Lyon in a kind banishing. During approximation of the Austrians (1814) it fled with its sister Lätitia, the nut/mother of the emperor, to Rome, became after Napoleons' I. Return Pair of France, returned however to the battle from Waterloo to Rome and lived here in complete Zurückgezogenheit the arts and sciences. The unjustified demand of the French government to do without its ore diocese Lyon white it decided back, even if it actually did not provide the office.

It died 13. May 1839. Its world-famous painting collection, which more than 20,000 pictures to have counted was, was gradually auctioneered after its death and proceeds to family scholarships were used.

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