Joseph Franklin Rutherford

Joseph Franklin Rutherford (* 8. November 1869 in Morgan County, Missouri, the USA; † 8. January 1942) was successor of the founder Charles Taze Russell as a president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society OF Pennsylvania.


Rutherford came of to a Baptistenfamilie. It hit an academic career. To 5. It received its permission to May 1892 as a lawyer. Afterwards it was active four years as a public prosecutor in Missouri. Occasionally he took over also in substitution the task of the judge. Therefore it became inIn retrospect as “judges” Rutherford admits.

it received 1894 from two Kolporteurinnen of the Bible researchers of three books, which convinced it and its wife to be able to be likewise baptized 1906 as Bible researchers. In the year after he became legal adviser of the Watch Tower Society. Later it belonged to the siebenköpfigenManaged the society.

Briefly before the death of the first president Charles Taze Russell the executive committee created an acting committee, that consisted of three members, from which a Rutherford was. The will in accordance with Russells besides a family of five publisher committee of the being awake tower was educated. To it Rutherford belongedfirst not. Since however two of the members for personal reasons, determined by Russell, separated, they were replaced by two spare persons by will determined by Russell. One was Rutherford.

To 6. January 1917 was selected Rutherford from the group of the members of the board to the president of the Watch Tower Society.It initiated that 1917 the seventh volume of the writing studies one gave change. The first six volumes had been written by Russell. Its opponents made the publication of the seventh volume for it, like Paul S.L. Johnson, of which some still part of the center at that time were, to the reproach.With legal means they were relieved their tasks.

The book became some months later the cause that against it and sieve warrant of arrest further coworkers of the Watch Tower Society to issue became. One put to them to the load, by this book “illegally, bad-willingly and willentlich” for “causingto the Insubordination unfaithfulness and Verweigerung of the Dienstpflicht in the military and fleet armed forces of the United States of America " to have requested. Got four times 20 years detention, one four times 10 years detention imposed to filters of them. A bail was rejected. After the war they were completely rehabilitated.Therefore Rutherford could be active further before the highest Federal court of the United States as an attorney.

On a congress 1919 he announced the publication of a new magazine, which today as “awoke! “admits is. Into its time the conception falls that it 1925 oneAuferstehung of the Patriarchen of the Bible would give. Afterwards Rutherford granted that he had disgraced himself with this expectation. Organizational it changed the activity of the “Pilgerbrüder” for 1926. While they had visited the meetings before to lectures, they should now the lecture service together with thempromote. (They were called circle servants” later with a witness Jehovas “circle custodian”, today “.)

he presented the new name that to 1931 on a congress up to then particularly as a Bible researcher admitted religious community. From now on they became as Jehovas witnesses admit. To 8. January 1942 it died inOlder of 72 years after long illness.


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