Joseph Illerhaus

Joseph Johannes Illerhaus (* 31. January 1903 in Hamborn; † 22. December 1973 in Duisburg) was a German politician of the CDU.

with 16 years

Illerhaus, which Roman-catholic faith was, already left lives and occupation the High School without Abitur. From 1919 to 1933 he worked first for a loan bank and later for a major bank. Afterwards it made itself independent in the textile retail trade. Since 1947 he was a chairman of the a trade association in Duisburg and dPräsident the retail trade federation north Rhine. 1950 he became a president of the Federal association of the German textile retail trade and vice-president industrie and of the Chamber of Commerce Duisburg.

a party

1933 ago belonged to Illerhaus the Windthorstbund, the youth organization of the CENTER . 1945 he took part in the establishment of the CDU.


Illerhaus was since 1948 a councilman in Duisburg. It belonged to the German Bundestag from 1953 to 1969 . It represented the constituency Rheydt - Moenchengladbach - Viersen (starting from 1965: Constituency Moenchengladbach) in the parliament.

Of 27. February 1958 up to 21. January 1970 was Illerhaus also member of the European parliament. From 1959 to 1961 he was there a chairman of the committee for questions of the domestic market of the community. By March 1966 up to its separating from the parliament he was a chairman of the Christian democratic parliamentary group in the European parliament.


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