Joseph Kabila

Joseph Kabila (* 1971) is a president of the democratic Republic of the Congo.


Joseph Kabila

Joseph Kabila became to 26. January 2001 appointed the president of the democratic Republic of the Congo. It followed its father Laurent Desire Kabila into the office, to 16. January 2001 an assassination attempt was hunted.

Joseph Kabila strove to lend to the country wrecked by the civil war little stability by reducing the operational readiness level of foreign troops, particularly from Rwanda and Uganda. It left UN-Blauhelme into the country, which should supervise the fronts between rebels, native troops and foreign troops.

In December 2002 a peace agreement between the rebels and the government was closed, on which in July under its line an all party government was then fixed. This compelled for 2005 free elections.

To 28. April 2004 failed a Putsch against Joseph Kabila, which had probably been organized by old trailers of the former president Mobutu Sese Seko.

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