Joseph Ludwig Raabe

Joseph Ludwig Raabe (* 15. May 1801 in Brody (Galizien); † 22. January 1859 in Zurich) was a Swiss mathematician.

Raabes parents were quite poor. Therefore it had to earn itself already early its living costs, by giving private instruction. 1820it began the mathematics study in Vienna at the polytechnic institute. In the autumn 1831 it pulled to Zurich. Here it was active starting from 1833 as a professor of mathematics. it received a chair at the again-created Swiss federal polytechnic institute to 1855.

Raabe became by the criterion of Raabe, designated after itadmits, that to the examination of convergence and/or. Divergence of infinite rows serves.

Furthermore it published a 3-bändiges work over differential and integral calculus (Zurich 1839-47) as well as 1857-58 two booklets mathematical reports.


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