Joseph Maria von Radowitz (son)

Joseph Maria Friedrich von Radowitz (* 19. May 1839 in Frankfurt/Main; † 15. January 1912) in Berlin was a German diplomat.

Radowitz, son of the Prussian politician Joseph of Radowitz, studied in Bonn and Berlin and occurred then 1860 the government service. 1861 it deduced to the legation in Konstantinopel, in the year as Legationsrat to China and Japan. 1864 it already led the business of the Consulate General in Schanghai.

Returned to Europe it was shifted 1865 to the message to Paris. In the German war it was active as Ordonnanzoffizier of the prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia and came afterwards to the Prussian legation to Munich.

one made it at the same time for 1870 the Consul General north Germans of the federation in Bucharest and the member of the European Danube Commission. 1872 he came again to Konstantinopel, this time as a representative.

Finally it went as a departmental head into the Foreign Office into Berlin and was there responsible for eastern affairs. Here it became secret Legationsrat. Despite its appointment as the envoy in Athens 1874 it remained busy for 1878 in the Foreign Office, participated in the citizen of Berlin congress and administered in the summer 1880 in special mission the message in Paris.

In October 1882 he was appointed the Ambassador of the German Reich in Konstantinopel and 1892 in Madrid.

1906 it represented the German Reich to conference of Morocco in Algeciras.


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