Joseph Wackerle

Joseph Wackerle (* 15. May 1880 in part churches; † 1959) were a German sculptor.

With 13 years it visited the wood carving school in part churches. Afterwards training at the college of arts and crafts and at the academy in Munich followed. With 26 Wackerle of artistic directors/conductors of the Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg in Munich becomes. From 1913 to 1917 it works as a teacher at the teaching institute of the college of arts and crafts Berlin. 1917 it start the follow-up of Joseph raft man at the residents of Munich college of arts and crafts and follows 1924 a training order of the Munich academy. After the end of the Second World War suddenly its public tasks and offices ended. To its 60. Birthday in the year 1940 receives Wackerle on suggestion from Adolf Hitler the Goethe medal for art and science.

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  • Neptunbrunnen (Munich)
  • relief for Munich hotels Rheini yard
  • Zeiss multistoried building high in
  • Jena bell racquet figures on the Leipziger multistoried building Marathon gate in
  • the olympia area Berlin person data NAME


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