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Joshua Daniel hardnicely (* 21. July 1978 in Saint Paul, Minnesota) is an US-American actor.

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Josh grew together with its three younger brothers and sisters (Jake, Joe &Jessica) with his father Daniel and its foster nut/mother Molly up. After a heavy knee injury it had to give its loved sport up football with 16 years and came in such a way over detours to the theatre. There it engaged itself up to its Highschool - conclusion 1996. After a shortStay at the theatre school SUNY in New York pulled it it after Hollywood, in order to look for its luck there.

Its TV-debut gave at that time 18-Jährige Josh in the US-Remake of the English series of “Cracker” here to that (admits under “for all cases Fitz”). The series with thatGerman title “Fitz” however after short time already one set off again and again - which did however no abort to its recent career. On the contrary: In the year 1998 Josh the first time stood for a motion picture film before the camera. In Halloween: H20 played it the son of Jamie Lee Curtis. Other “Teenie Flicks” ('The Faculty ') followed and Josh was established in the Riege of young Hollywood newcomers.

It lasted however until 2001, until it landed the largest coup of its career. In that 2. World war - Epos Pearl Harbor of director MichaelBay ('The skirt “) and success producer Jerry Bruckheimer (” curse of the Karibik ') played Josh at the side of Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale the pilot Cpt. Danny Walker. This brought in world-wide fame for it and strengthened its call as new star in the Hollywood sky.Further projects followed (and. A. 'Black Hawk down “,” 40 days and 40 nights '). After some time of “creative break” Josh already turned hardnicely 2004/2005 several films off (z. B. 'The Black Dahlia “,” Mozart and the Whale “as well as”Lucky NUMBER Slevin '. In Sin town center where among other things Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke participated, had it a short appearance. For this year a modern version is planned by Shakespeare s Hamlet with the name 'Texas Lullaby '.


  • “I is a type, which tries out gladly - I always look for the next adventure. “
  • (Orig. English:I'm A guy who likes ton explore - I'm just looking for the NEXT adventure.)



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