Josh Homme

Joshua (Josh) Homme, (* 17. May 1973) in Palm the ore, California, American rock musician, music producer as well as Mastermind and only constant member of the Stoner skirt volume Queens OF the Stone Age, is considered as one the most creative Songwriter of the present skirt music.


work on

] career/development as guitarist and initial member of Kyuss during his school time on the Palm the ore High School with that volume the style direction of the Stonerrock, whose sound was based particularly on the deep Gitarrentuning Hommes. Thus it tuned its guitar on four and more half-tone steps down and partly even used a bass amplifier for its appearances with Kyuss. As itself the volume 1995 separated it since 1990 four albums had published and in its world-wide fan municipality a nearly God-similar status had erspielt themselves. The large commercial break-through was however ausgegblieben.

Thus Homme pausierte nearly one year, before he in Seattle with the Grunge - volume Screaming Trees for some concerts as a second guitarist again as musicians in feature stepped.

With the Initierung the the ores session 1996 he dedicated again to own music projects and was based together with the ex Kyuss - Drummer Alfredo Hernandez the volume gamma Ray, which he renamed later due to legal differences with German volume of the same name in Queens OF the Stone Age. On the called debut album, which appeared 1998, Homme took over the complete singing part for the first time and created the Robot skirt designated in such a way by it. With that 2002 appear-ends Songs For The Deaf, the third album that volume, succeeded to him the large commercial break-through, it him probably took the liberty more to its Nebenprojekten to dedicate.

Thus it played beside in irregular was away from him held the ore session also Schlagzeug in the volume Eagle OF Death Metal along-created by him. It published both Nebenprojekte on its own label of record record.

Josh Homme is since 2003 with the front woman of the Punk skirt volume “The DistillersBrody dents associated. To 17. January 2006 came the common daughter Camille Homme to the world. Josh is previously convicted because of a fight and had to be able to be treated 60 days against its drug craze.


drug consumption

remarkable openly deals the Stoner skirt legend with its drug consumption. Not only that it openly admits so rather all drugs to have tried, and an enormous part of it still regularly to consume, it gives also still exact explanations of his tactics for the consumption of the Rauschmittel. Thus it keeps from mixing consumption, in which it daily only a kind goes from drugs, from usual grass to cocaine, exszessiv consumed, other drugs away however completely avoids itself.


Josh Homme used particularly for the photographs of the QOTSA - albums particularly rare only between 1983 and 1985 built Ovation Ultra GP with DiMarzio Super2 - Pickups. Since the photographs to “Lullabies ton of Paralyze” plays Homme however on on a Maton BB1200 made for it. It uses this also live, since it, as it says, wants to try somewhat new out.

Its guitars are strengthened usually by amplifiers of the company Ampeg. To Kyuss - it played times among other things also over Mesa Boogie amplifier.

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