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Joshua knight (* 27. October 1976 in Moscow, Idaho) is a singer and a Songwriter, who are seen at present as a large talent within the range Americana.

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Josh knight buildup as a son of two neurology professors as well as his younger brother Lincoln some miles outside of the small college city Moscow in the northwest Idahos. It played little entrance to music, since it was too young some years, as a child violin, had however otherwise according to own data in order the musical explosion in the northwest around 1990 (Grunge, Northwest of volume) consciously to experience. Only with 17, on a school trip into the state capital Boise, he discovered the music of Johnny cash and Bob Dylan and came with one album each of its new heroes again home. Already short time he bought his first guitar later and began Songs to write, for him a form of the self expression, which had not confessed to him in its sport-crazy Highschool for order.

Motivated by those resident Folkszene if it went there to completion of the Highschool to the Oberlin University, Ohio, studying around there biology and hitting a similar career as its parents, it discovered however soon that he zubrachte more time with its guitar than with the study - among other things he belonged at that time to the joint founders of the Oberlin Folk festival. It drew from it the conclusions and changed to folklore studies and similar subjects.

early career

its professional musical career began Josh knight in bad clay/tone to sing Massachusetts with open Mike nights, where each some minutes time got, in order its pieces. It played at that time some Novelty Tunes, thus also today still with concerts gladly required “Mining Song” over gold graves in Idaho, which blows up its partner into air, or “stucco ton of You” to unite a speech singing in the tradition of Johnny of cash “A Boy named Sue” over the impossibility science and love in addition, already pieces, which are in the meantime classical authors in its repertoire like the Ballade “Potter's Wheel”. 1999 were then large its self-written repertoire enough, in order to take up a shifted album. Taken up at home to Idaho with the assistance of serrate Hickman (bass, organ, harp), Tom Graves (cello) and Darius Zhelka (Drums and Spooky sound) shows that simply “Josh knight” called Longplayer a hopeful Country Folk talent in maturing and had “stucco ton you” as Hidden Tune, which lends until today only directly from the artist and now and then over Road record in Dublin available album among fans cult status. Serrate Hickman also today still plays for Josh bass, against what Darius Zhelka itself in the meantime concentrated on its management and only now and then to enthusiastischen public reactions on the stage appears armed with a tambourine.


a moment in its career, touching for all present ones, came briefly before Christmas 2004 in the Vicar Street into Dublin as Josh knight Ireland generally speaking and the volumes The Frames in the special one its thanks expressed: “Thanks you I could give up to mine bread job and concentrate me on the music.” How does it strike thus a Landei from Idaho to Ireland? The Frames played open in the year 2001 in bad clay/tone and her singer Glen Hans pool of broadcasting corporations saw Josh coincidentally with a Mike night and engaged it practically away from the mark as support for the next Ireland route its volume.

Short time appeared then its first single “ME & Jiggs” later by the album “Age OF radio” with Independent record in Ireland and Signature sound in the USA and at least on the small island at the edge of Europe with its long musical and erzählerischen tradition became golden it within short time to the superstar. Its third album “Hello Starling” entered at place two into the Irish Charts and got gold, and in June 2004 it sold Dublin Castle, a palace garden, which seizes scarcely 10,000 people, completely out.

Joshs co-operation with The Frames pulls itself until today, then he has them the Drummer Dave Hingerty abgeworben, her former member Dave Odlum “Hello Starling” produced and both Acts routes now and then together.

the remainder of the world

the world outside of Ireland pulls, above all thanks tight mouth-to-mouth propaganda on the road and in the Internet, slowly. In Great Britain it played with Joan Baez, Continental Europe was allowed Josh knight in the year 2004 as support for the Irish singer and Songwriter Damien Rice for the first time live to experience, in the USA and Canada plays it in medium sized clubs and now can also Australia it see. So far all were difficult its albums outside of Ireland to get, in addition, that now changed, since Josh at the beginning of signed 2005 with major V2. This company presented the straight under the direction particularly by its work with Modest of the Mouse as the first “Hello Starling” and will in the spring 2006 admitted again Brian deck taken up album “The Animal Years” to publish.


Josh knight belonged to the exponents of the Country Folk and calls above all Johnny cash, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen as influences. By critics its acoustic instrumenting and its lyric texts also gladly with nod Drake compared, fans bend however to it, large similarities with its work abzustreiten.

Probably particularly under the influence of Neil Young, whose “Hey Hey My My” he quotes gladly live, it made the step with “The Animal Years” the E-guitar. The furious, scarcely zehnminütige Protestsong “Thin Blue Fleming” of this album meant so a large musical step of the traditional Countrysänger, that with romantic Balladen, rural stories and Honkytonkstomps impresses forward to say away and to the political Songwriter, which does not back-frighten also before shock tactics, in order its opinion.

Also different artists work gladly with Josh of knight pieces, so the Irish singer and Songwriter - and former euro vision participants - Mickey hard one and the large Joan Baez, which on its album “Dark Chords on A bend to Guitar” its Ballade “Wings” gecovert. Besides its music is heard also on the television, then “Come and served finds ME” golden from “Age OF radio” as conclusion music for the consequence “relations work” the American series of Six Feet Under.


  • Josh knight (1999)
  • golden Age OF radio (2001)
  • Hello Starling (2003)
  • The Animal Years (VÖ Ireland 3. March 2006, remainder Europe 20. March 2006, Canada 4. April 2006, the USA 11. April 2006)


  • serrate Hickman (bass)
  • Dave Hingerty (Drums)
  • SAM cashier (key)

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