Josiah wanting pool of broadcasting corporations Gibbs

Josiah Willard Gibbs

Josiah wanting pool of broadcasting corporations Gibbs (* 11. February 1839 in new Haven, Connecticut; † 28. April 1903 ebenda) was an US-American physicist.

Gibbs studied mathematics and natural sciences at the university of new Haven. 1863 to 1866 it was Tutor at the Yale college.Subsequently, it went to Europe and continued its studies in Paris, Berlin and Heidelberg . 1871 were appointed Gibbs the professor at the Yale university in new Haven.

Between 1876 and 1878 he wrote a series of articles with the total title on the Equilibrium OF Heterogeneous Substances, those as one of the largest achievements in the physics 19. Century one regards and as basis of physical chemistry applies. In these articles Gibbs used thermodynamics , in order to interpret physikochemische features. To the discussed theorems also the Gibbs phase rule belongs.Gibbs' articles over thermodynamics appeared in the Transactions OF the Connecticut Academy. On the Equilibrium OF Heterogeneous Substances was translated 1891 into German and 1899 into the French; the contained theorems used in Europe admits and.

Gibbs furnished also outstanding achievements for those statistic mechanics, the vector analysis and the electromagnetic theory of the light. Its Scientific PAPERs (1906) and Collected Works (1928) were collected and published after its death.

For the vector analysis Gibbs created a method, which simplified mathematical developments substantially, those at that timethe theoretical treatment of Maxwell electrodynamics strongly got going.

Also the Gibbs phenomenon and the Gibbs paradox are designated after it.


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