Josias brown Blanquet

Josias brown Blanquet (native Josias brown; * 3. August 1884 in Chur; † 20. September 1980 in Montpellier) was a Swiss Botaniker, which itself with the plant sociology busy. It developed a lehr and a method building, existing beginnings for arranging andClassify from plant existence summarizes. „The principle of systematics of the Pflanzengesellschaften is applied to floristischer basis “. Key terms are a kind of character, kind of differential and vegetation admission.

The double name is the result of the wedding of Josias brown with its study colleague Gabrielle Blanquet.

works (selection)

  • plant sociology.Fundamentals the vegetation customer. 3. , neubearb. and substantially Aufl. increased Vienna (among other things): Springer 1964. (First 1928)


  • Hartmut Dierschke: Plant sociology. Ulmer, UTB for science, 1994


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