Josip Šimunić

Josip “Joe” Šimunić [ˈjɔsipˈʃimunitɕ] (* 18. February 1978 in Canberra, Australia) is a Croatian soccer player.

It plays at present (2005) with Hertha BSC Berlin. It is 1.95 m largely and telecommunications victory. Its market value becomes at the end of of 2004 on approx. 10 million euro estimated. In the season 2004/2005 he was selected to the best interior defender of the federal league, and in addition is he the largest player of Hertha BSC Berlin. With Hertha he understands himself to the best with Niko Kovač, since he is also Croat. Its crew colleagues call it „Joe cool one “. With Hertha it mostly carries the back number 14 and at the soccer national team 3.

Simunic began its career with the Melbourne Knights. To an appearance with the HSV it changed in the year 2000 to Berlin. Simunić made so far 129 federal league plays and shot thereby a gate. He is current Croatian national player (30 employments, 2 gates) and with a body size of 195 cm (weight: 89 kg) of one the physically strongest player of the league. Its technical abilities make it beyond that an effective player during the structure of play.


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