Jost Amman

Der Formschneider, Holzschnitt aus dem Ständebuch
of the form cutters, woodcut from the condition book

Jost (Jodocus) Amman (* 1539 in Zurich, † March 1591 in Nuremberg) was more stecher (in Switzerland more born) German a draughtsman , Kupferätzer and -, form cutters, painters and book author.

Native Swiss Amman came 1561 to Nuremberg, received to 1577 the citizen right of the city and lived there up to its death. It is considered as one of the most important and most fruitful draughtsmen and a form cutter of its time. It published numerous books with woodcuts , among other things albums, tournament books, war books, coat of arms books, Trachtenbücher, herb books, pharmacopeias, animal books and midwife books. Besides it created illustrations to the Bible, to expenditures of antique and contemporary authors and to special books of most diverse ranges, among other things to religious and historical topics, to legal topics like the hunt and forest right, to the agriculture and to the hunt art. Its woodcuts are characterised by the elegant, something manierierte slimness of the figures. By the detail-exact observation and everyday life near representation for instance from occupations and Trachten its extensive work is also from culture-historical interest.

Amman wrote also art-technical and art-theoretical writings.

Table of contents


butchers and associated with slaughtering cattle (from the condition book)


  • Caij Plinij Secundi, the fürtrefflichen high scholar old person philosophy of books and schrifften from nature, kind and self-create the Creaturen or Geschöpffe of God (1565 appear as German translation of the Naturalis historia)
  • Eygentliche description of all conditions auff ground connection more highly and lower, more religiously and laily, all arts, handicrafts and acting… (Condition book, with verses by Hans Sachs, 1568)
  • Leonhardt Fronsperger: Of car castle and Feldtleger (1573)
  • Insignia Sacrae Caesareae Majestatis (coat of arms and album)
  • Gynaeceum sive theatrum mulierum (Frauentrachtenbuch, 1586)
  • Charter lusoria (pack of cards book, 1588)

other ones of works

  • Kunnst and training booklets for the anfahenden boys from it tear and to paint to learn darjnnen allerley kind merry and artliche for tearing of man and Weybsbildern…

modern trend expenditures

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  • conditions and craftsmen. (Condition book). G. Hirth, Munich 1923
  • the condition book. Numerous expenditures starting from 1934 in the island publishing house, Leipzig and Frankfurt/Main. Hrsg. of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Graul, later expenditures hrsg. by Manfred Lemmer, last 1995 ISBN 3-458-08133-X
  • coat of arms and album. G. Hirth, Munich 1923
  • Leonhardt Fronsperger: Of car castle and Feldtleger. Rübsamen, Stuttgart 1968

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