Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins (* 12. June 1962 in Detroit) is joint founder Detroit of the Techno and thus one of the most important representatives of the music direction Techno.

Operator of the label Metroplex it is called of Kevin Saunderson and Jeff Mills as Godfather Detroit of the Techno. Its 1985 published piece of “NO UFOs” are at all called in many places first technical OI slat. Its later publication Techno town center coined/shaped the name of this style direction.

It had never commercial success like e.g. He adhered always compromiseless to Kevin Saunderson, but but to its innovative ideals the electronic music: Its music sounds futuristically, often minimal.

The admitting power station - fan went with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson on the Belleville High School and began already end of the 70's to produce with simple equipment electronic music. With smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Davis alias 3070 it creates Cybotron. Of the first Maxi sell they 15,000 piece, separate after the first album however. Further aliases from Atkins e.g. were. Infiniti and Model 500. Today Atkins works in different music category, it produced also slower pieces with Soul - influences (as on its album Mind and Body).


  • 1981 12 " Cybotron “Alleys OF your mind”
  • 1982 12 " Cybotron “CLEAR”
  • 1982 12 " Cybotron “interfaces”
  • 1982 album Cybotron “Enter”
  • starting from 1982 12 " Model 500 “Night drive”, “off the Battle”, “interference”
  • 1985 12 " Model 500 “NO UFOs”
  • 1987 12 " Model 500 “sound OF Stereo”
  • 1993 album Model 500 “Classics”
  • 1993 3MB feat. Juan Atkins “jazz is the keys”
  • 1994 album Model 500 “Sonic Sunset”
  • 1996 album Infiniti Collection
  • 1999 album “mm” (DJ - mix from Atkins)
  • 1999 album Model 500: “Mind and Body”
  • 2002 12 " updates as “Model 600”

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