Juan Carlo Ferrero

Juan Carlo Ferrero (* 12. February 1980 in Onteniente) is a Spanish tennis player. Ferrero could win the most important sand place tournament of the world, the French open in the year 2003 and was already finalist in two further Grand Slam tournaments. In September 2003 it became the 21. Player in the history of the world rank list, which the guidance could transfer in this valuation.

Juan Carlo Ferrero
Juan Carlos Ferrero
Nationality: Spain
size: 1.82 m
weight: 72 kg
of play hand: On the right of
1. Professional season: 1999
highest placement: 1 (08. September 2003)
Single title: 11
double title: 0
prize money: $10.027.728
weeks Nr.1: 7
Grand Slam balance
title: 1
Australian open HF (2004)
French open S (2003)
Wimbledon AF (2003, 2005)
U.S. Open F (2003)

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personal data

size: 1.82 m
weight: 72 kg
of play hand: On the right of
back hand: Two-handedly

career data

beginning of career: 1998
match balance: 181-131
tournament victories: 11 single title (Mallorca, Barcelona, Dubai, Estoril, Rom TMS, Hong Kong, 2x Monte Carlo TMS, Madrid TMS, French open, Valencia, 11 final participation).
Prize money: approx. 10 millions US dollar

play way

Juan C. Ferrero the pointed name “mosquito” because it proper at its opponent festbeisst itself. It has a fast first option and is a specialist for sand tournaments.

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