Juan Diego Flórez

Juan Diego Flórez (* 13. January 1973 in Lima, Peru) is a Peruvian opera singer.

Its father Rubén was a Peruvian singer. Juan Diego Flórez began its music training in Lima (Conservatorio Nacional de Lima, later then Coro Nacional) and continued it 1993 at the Curtis Institut in Philadelphia . 1994 it was invited by its Mentor, the Peruvian tenor Ernesto Palacio, to participate in a modern opera into Italy. it gave its opera debut in Matilde di Shabran to 1996 with Rossini operas festival in Pesaro, where its expression-strong voice impressed the professional world.

Flórez sings at the most important opera houses of the world (z. B. Metropolitan Opera, Viennese state opera) and gastiert regularly with Rossini Opera festival in Pesaro.


  • Una furtiva Lagrima
  • Great tenor Arias
  • Rossini airs


  • Abbiati price (Premio Abbiati) of Italian music critics (1999)
  • Rossini d'Oro in Pesaro (2000)
  • Aureliano Pertile price
  • Francesco Tamagno price
  • L'Opera Award price
  • Bellini's Prize

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