Juan José Ibarretxe

Juan José Ibarretxe Markuartu (* 15. March 1957 in Llodio, province Álava) is a Spanish politician.

He is a chairman of the Baski national party (EAJ/PNV) and since that 2. January 1999 the Prime Minister (baskisch lehendakari) of the autonomous region of the Basque country. Ibarretxe has a conclusion in economic science at the university of the Basque country. It is married with Begoña Arregui and has two children.

political career to 2005

Ibarretxe was a mayor of its hometown of 1983 - 1987. Since 1984 it is member of the baskischen regional parliament. 1994 - 1999 was it under its predecessor José Antonio Ardanza Vizelehendakari and Minister for finances and public administration of the Basque country.

2003 provided Ibarretxe with a plan for the gradual expansion of the autonomy up to the independence of the Basque country for violent discussions relating to domestic affairs in Spain. The new autonomy statute stated by it was rejected clearly however in January 2005 by the Spanish parliament. With the regional elections to 17. April 2005 lost Ibarretxes party coalition the majority. Ibarretxe was assigned nevertheless as a chairman of the strongest party the formation of a government.

3. Office period

to 23. June 2005 was selected Ibarretxe with simple majority for the third time to the Prime Minister. It received in the second ballot 34 voices, its rival candidate Patxi López of the Spanish Social Democrats (PSE) to only 33 voices. The day before with the tuning the same result was obtained, but was necessary thereby an absolute majority of 38 voices.

Ibarretxe could be selected only with the help of the disputed communist PCTV, which gave him two their altogether nine voices, so that Ibarretxe did not lose against López. Ibarretxe combined the voices of its PNV, the Eusko Alkartasuna (together 29 voices) and the Ezker Batua (3 voices) on itself. López received 18 voices from its PSE and 15 voices of the conservative Partido popular (PP). The PCTV, which is suspected, the baskischen terrorist organization ETA and/or. their forbidden political organization Batasuna close to stand, supported Ibarretxe, because it occurs contrary to López for the independence of the Basque country, however on democratic way.

The next term of office of Ibarretxe, which must govern without parliamentary majority, does not become easy for it, since it must constantly get involved in compromises with the EHAK or the PSE, in order to bring laws by the parliament.

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