Juan Román Riquelme

Juan Román Riquelme (* 26. June 1978 in San Fernando, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine football player, who at present is with Villarreal CF in Spain under contract.

Until 1996 Riquelme played at the youth of Argentinos junior. To 10. November 1996 made its first play for Riquelme, which is called by its fans Romy, as a professional with Boca junior. Only later it shot one week with the play against Huracán (6: 0) its first gate. In the year 2002, after a very successful year with Boca junior European soccer associations on Riquelme became attentively. The central midfield player was engaged by the fiber plastic Barcelona for nine million euro. There it did not succeed to arrive to it because of an injury and numerous illnesses however into the master crew and changed it 2003 in such a way at Villarreal CF. In the season 2004/2005 it played a very much convincing role there, shot 15 gates and prepared 11 gates and help thereby its team at place 3 in the Primera División.

Its most successful time had Riquelme so far within the new generation range and on association level. With the U-20-Mannschaft became he in the year 1997 South America - master and got in the same year the junior soccer world championship and in the year 1998 the title with the so-called tournament of hope in Toulon. With Boca it won the Copa Libertadores and the club world cup.

It debütierte in the Argentine national team 1997 against Colombia and only two years later was again used. With the Konföderationen cup 2005 in Germany it shot two gates for its country alone in the first two meetings against Tunesien and Australia. It lost however with its crew the final against the South American rival with 1:4. Nevertheless he was selected to the secondarybest player ( behind Adriano). It participates besides in the qualification to the soccer world championship 2006 with Argentina, which are qualified for Germany already. Riquelme is in the eyes of many high-ranking members of the football beside Ronaldinho the best soccer player of the world.

Riquelme buildup in ärmlichen conditions in Buenos Aires and has still ten brothers and sisters.


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