Juan Sebastián de Elcano (ship)

the JUAN SEBASTIÁN DE ELCANO is the official sail school ship of the Spanish navy. It carries the names of the baskisch Spanish discoverer Juan Sebastián Elcano.

1927 ran the ship from the pile and began its young remote travel 1928. It belonged to the Spanish war navy, made ten voyages round the world (no cape Hoorn - orbiting, but via Panama channel and/or Magellan road) and 76 training travels (conditions: At the end of of 2004). It took and participates in many international sail meetings. At present it is the world largest Segler with Schonertakelage (because of the Fockrahtopps no pure Gaffelschoner). His majesty king Juan Carlo I. was with the queen to 26. and 27. October 2003 guest on board the ship.

Its four masts are called not as usual “(Palo) Trinquete” (Fockmast), “(Palo) Mayor proel” (grossmast), “(Palo) Mayor popel” (Kreuzmast) and “Mesana” (mizzenmast), but are designated after four earlier Spanish sail school ships (three-mast ships): “Blanca”, “Almansa”, “Asturias”, “Náutilus”.

ship data

  • construction: Steel trunk, four-island ship (2 “Liverpool houses “with structure of school ship)
  • Rigg: Viermastmarssegelschoner (Viermasttoppsegelschoner)
  • launching of a vessel: 5. March 1927; Godmother: Carmen Primo de Rivera
  • young remote travel: 29. February 1928
  • building-threw: Loosely Astilleros Echevarrieta y Larrinaga de Cádiz (the shipyards Echevarrieta & Larrinaga, Cádiz)
  • shipping company: Guardias Marinas de la Armada Española (Spanish navy); first: splinter War navy (La Marina de Guerra Española)
  • home port: Cádiz y Marín
  • Galionsfigur:
  • length over everything: 113 m (370,7 ft)
  • fuselage length: 106.8 m (350,5 ft)
  • length on deck: 94 m (308,4 ft)
  • length in the KWL: 88.13 m (289,15 ft)
  • length between the plumb bobs: 86 m
  • broad: 13.1 m (43 ft)
  • depth: 6.8 m (22,6 ft)
  • displacement: 3,612 t (3,670 of clay/tone)
  • sail surface: 3,153 m ² (20 sails: 4 Grossgaffel, 4 Gaffeltopp, 4 Fockrah, 5 Vorsegel (1 Vorstengestagsegel, 3 Klüver, 1 flier))
  • Mast height: 49.9 m (48.7 m) Masttop keel
  • auxiliary machines: first machine: 500 HP of Diesel; now: Diesel set Sulzer Bazán with 1500 HP
  • of construction costses: 7.569.794 pesetas
  • of first ship leaders: Capitán de fragata (commander) Don Manuel de Mendívil y Elio (1874 - 1972)
  • present captain: Capitán de Navío (captain to sea) Don Luis Cayetano y Garrido (since 29. September 2004)
  • Construction costses: 7.569.794 pesetas
  • crew: 207 - 227 men (inclusive Cadet)
  • maximum speed: 16,9 kn under sail, 6 kn with auxiliary drive
  • armament: two 37-mm salvos cannons

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