Juan de Nova

coordinates: 17° 3 ' S, 42° 45 ' O

satellite photograph

Juan de Nova is 4.4 km 2 a large tropical island in the channel of Mozambique, between Madagascar and Mozambique on 17° 3' southern latitude and 42° 45' of eastern length.

politics and administration

the island belonged to France and like the remaining Îles éparses is administered since 2005 by the Präfekten and highest manager of the French south and Antarctic areas. Before it she had been administered since 1960 by the Präfekten of the Überseedépartements Réunion, without belonging even to Réunion.

Since the independence of Madagascar 1960 the island is stressed also by this former French colony.

there is geography

and economics on the island no native population, but a small military basis and a Wetterstation. A protected area for game animals covers 90% of the closely wooded, flat island. At raw materials only Guano to an extent of approx. becomes. 12,000 tons per year diminished.

The island does not exhibit a port, but an anchorage before the coast, in addition one approximately 1000 m for a long time, did not asphalt landing runway for airplanes and a short railroad line leading to a landing bar for the evacuation of the diminished Guanos.


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