Provincia Judaea unter Trajan
Provincia Judaea under Trajan

Judäa (Latin Iudaea, of Hebrew יהודה) is the geographical designation of an area in the Levante. The term became historically important as name of the Roman province Judäa, those essentially the area earlier Israeli tables of the kingdom Juda covered.

Judäa was starting from 6 n. Chr. Province of the Roman realm. It became 63 v. Chr. from countries in an educated manner, which Pompeius had conquered: Syria and the country south of it (Judäa, Galiläa and SAM airs) to Egypt.

Pompeius subordinated the kingdom to the princeand high priest Johannes Hyrcanus. When Pompeius of Caesar was defeated, its Höfling Antipatros followed after Hyrcanus. Antipatros became 43 v. Chr. poisoned. Its son Herodes became 41 v. Chr. Roman governor (Tetrarch). 37 v. Chr.became it on resolution of the RomanSenate king (basileus) of Judäa and made itself a name as Herodes the large one. Under its government a large building activity was unfolded, among other things the large port of Caesarea Maritima establishes. After its death 4 v. Chr.became its kingdom among its sonsdivided. One of them, Herodes ark louse, manages Judäa of 4 v. Chr. to 6 so down that it became to dismiss by the Roman emperor Augustus.

Israel im 1. Jahrhundert
Israel in the 1. Century

the Kingdom of Judäa was likewise called now part of a larger Roman province, Judäa, to 41, as emperors Claudius Herodes Agrippa I. the king made. Agrippa I. 44 and the province died again Roman control was subordinated. Between 48 and 54 the province was partly again subordinated to the son Agrippas Marcus Julius Agrippa. During the government Agrippas of the younger one the area was destroyed by fights with Rome and an invasion Vespasians around the year 70. As it approx. 100 , the area died again the Roman realm was subordinated.

Roman provinces

the province Arabia Petraea for 106 one formed and covered also parts of Judäa.

In the year 135, after the bar Kochba rebellion, the province in with the province Syria was combined and renamed in Syria Palestine, the capital Jerusalem in Aelia Capitolina.

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see Flavius Josephus: The Jewish war.

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