Jud sweet (film)

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Film data
of German titles: Jud sweetly
original titles: Jud sweetly
production country: Germany
feature year: 1940
length (PAL - DVD): 98 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK reservation film
direction: Veit Harlan
film script: Veit Harlan and Eberhard Wolfgang Möller
production: Otto Lehmann
music: Wolfgang Zeller
camera: Bruno Mondi
cut: Wolfgang sharpen

Jud sweet is a film, which was turned 1940 in the third realm under the direction by Veit Harlan. The film was conceived on the basis of the novella of the same name of William Hauff as propaganda film with the purpose of the fundamental Denunziation of the Jews. In Germany the public performance is permitted by Jud sweet only with an accompanying comment as well as under editions, which is selling of the film forbidden (reservation film).

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action and intention of the film

the film shows the life of the Joseph sweetly Oppenheimer, one Jewish financial official, the 1698 or 1699 in Heidelberg born and to 4. April 1738 in Stuttgart was executed . Sweetly Oppenheimer becomes 1733 secret financial advice under duke Karl Alexander of Württemberg and introduces without agreement of the conditions new taxes and deliveries , which are to finance the absolutist yard state of the duke and its standing army - a task, with which the smallrural coined/shaped Württemberg was overtaxed. The opposition against the duke concentrates on Joseph sweetly Oppenheimer, the violation of the constitution and personal enriching in the office to be therefore accused. When the duke dies, Oppenheimer is arrested and executed shortly thereafter.

In the film action the Jewish Joseph tries sweetly Oppenheimer again and again to seize asarisch “drawn Dorothea those it also kidnapped and rapes. Dorothea commits Suizid from shame, from a Jew to have been entehrt .

The goal of the film is alone the antijudaistische LV - propaganda. The Jewish financial official is drawn as threat of the so-called Christian arischen society. The film avails itself thereby of anti-Semitic stereotyped ones. The film script freely arranged after a novella for its openly expressed Antisemitismus admitted William Hauff. A connection to the drama of the same name and novel of Lion Feuchtwanger do not exist.

success and propaganda

Jud sweet were uraufgeführt with the film festivals in Venice, which were at that time in fascist hand, and found particularly at the German public large applause. In Germany the premiere in the citizen of Berlin UFA took place - palace at the zoo, like with Nazi film large-scale projects this kind usually, in presence of Joseph Goebbels and other high LV representatives. However in this cinema the film was seen during the first four weeks despite constant Fliegerangriffe by 111.677 visitors and was very successful. Heinrich Himmler arranged that all members of SS and police had to watch this film. Also it is considered as often proven that Jud sweet the SS-units was shown, which had to make shortly thereafter „actions “against Jew also guard staff from the concentration camps had the film to watch.

book to the film

the propaganda effect of the film was still supported by a novel written after the film by Hans Hömberg, which was published 1941 in the book publishing house of the UFA with large sized film photos and translated until 1944 into further languages, in the sense of a multimedia spreading.


after the war mainly because of the direction of this film of the allied ones the process was made for the director Veit Harlan. From lack of proofs Harlan was however acquitted. Its statement that it had been forced to the production of the film, could not be disproved before court.

During the Nazi period in Germany active the film script author and director Géza of Cziffra described however in its 1975 Autobiografie “purchase appeared you a multicolored ballon” that originally the production boss had been the Terra film Peter Paul Brauer for the direction by Jud sweet intended. But has Harlan and. A. by interventions in the propaganda Ministry and successfully with Goebbels fought to be able to produce the film.

Ferdinand Marian, the actor of the sweet, received professional disqualification and died to 1946 with a car accident. It is accepted that it took itself so the life.

Heinrich George was arrested, not least also because of its co-operation at Jud sweet, and died 1946 in the Soviet special camp II (internment camp; by the Soviets used former KZ Saxonia living).

evaluation from today's viewpoint

the film is from today's viewpoint bad propaganda and dangerous historical falsification. The historical events are not after-drawn; propagandistic anti-Semitic inventions and prejudices are served zuhauf and called, where forget, again into the memory and again taught.

2003 threw a differentiated view of the history of the film the documentary television play Jud sweet radiated in the pool of broadcasting corporations - a film as crime?. Therein the legal proceedings were represented against Veit Harlan after end of war, in which the director had presented itself and also its participations as a victim of obligations. According to the descriptions to the developing history of Jud sweet, delivered in this film of Axel Milberg in the role of the Harlan , for example completely desperately to the fact reacted to leading actor Ferdinand Marian that it had to play the role sweetly of the Oppenheimer according to desire of Joseph Goebbels. Also Werner Krauss did not try by any means to along-play to want, but, to be rejected by demanding, it must, if it is to participate, all Jewish Nebenrollen in Jud sweet receive. This was then ordered actually in such a way however to Krauss' surprise and frightening. The truth content of these representations was disproved finally neither nor.

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