Youth makes music

to youth makes music is a country widely delivered German music competition for children, young people and young adults up to completed 20. , for singing 27. Lebensjahr. It serves both the promotion of the layman music and the promotion of young people with professional musical ambitions. The participants/inside may stand thus not yet in a musical professional training (full study) or professional experience. Many well-known instrument valleyists could introduce themselves made music for the first time as winners at youth a larger public. In addition cutting off is often consulted with the competition as comparison yardstick for the quality of schools of music and instrument valley instruction.

The competition is divided into three stages: First will it delivered on regional level, the passed on winners participate in the national competition and their winner to become the federal competition passed on, if they achieved the necessary age for it. The instrument categories change the possibility as solo lecture in a three-year rotation, in the meantime give it of participating in a duo or an ensemble lecture. 1993 were added the singing to the originally pure instrument valley competition. At present run in the Lands of the Federal Republic North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxonia-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin a pilot phase for the category popular music with the instruments E-guitar, E-bass, Drums and Vocal, in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia in addition the category DJ.

The participants/inside play music pieces from different epochs, in which new category popular music become in addition improvisation and self-composition requires. The length of the lecture depends on the age group and lasts from 6 to 20 minutes. The point distribution of the specialized jury is enough from 1 („participated “) to 25 („with outstanding success participated “). The forwarding to the next competition level takes place starting from 23 points. The distribution of prizes takes place after reached point number, therefore there is several first, second and third prices and not only one, as with well-known competition formats from the sport.

In the year 2005 youth had made music country widely over 20.000 participants/inside in 148 regional competitions and 30 German schools abroad. Approximately 6,500 of them was passed on to the national competitions, at the federal competition participated scarcely 2,000 first winners/inside. The regional competitions take place usually in the first months of a yearly. Advertisements and registrations are available at the national music advice.

The 1963 created competition stands under the working group of the German music advice and the patronage of the |Federal President. Accomplishing federations are: Federal union of German orchestra federations, German clay/tone artist federation (DTKV), Jeunesses of musical Germany (JMD), federation of German schools of music (VdM), federation of German school musicians (VDS), working group for school music (AfS). Youth is promoted made music by the Federal Ministry for family, seniors, women and youth, the local central associations, the municipalities as well as of sponsors.


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