Jules Bastien Lepage

all soul day, C. 1882

Jules Bastien Lepage (* 1. November 1848 in Damvillers (Meuse), † 10. December 1884 in Paris) was a French painter.

Bastien Lepage formed with Alexandre Cabanel, departed however soon from academic manners of its teacher up to that degrees that he itself to an inconsiderate, on the rendition of the common reality arranged naturalism well-known. Already in its grandfather of 1874 gave oneself striving for embarrassing rendition of all eventualities of nature haven-guesses/advises to recognize, and in the same direction the Kommunikantin (1875) and the Anbetung of the Hirten moved. Its actual area, the life of the farmers, he entered however only 1878 with the hay harvest, which 1879 the crop of potatoes followed the voices listening Jeanne at the October time, 1880 d'Arc, 1881 the beggar (Hauptwerk), 1882 the brushwood collecting tank and 1883 the love on the Dorfe. With sketchy treatment of the background and neglect of air the principal value is put on the naturalistische design of the life-large figures and perfect brightness of the clay/tone harmonierende with nature. Bastien Lepage painted also portraits. Still before complete development of its talent it died to 10. December 1884 in Paris.

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