Jules Chevalier

Jules Chevalier (* 15. March 1824 in Richelieu, France; † 21. October 1907 in Issoudun, France) was a French priest and author.

establishment of the medal

it studied the Priesterweihe in Bourges theology and received 1851. Center 19. Century was deeply moved it because of the emergencies of its time. In the heart Jesus he saw his appointment and believed, from this a new world could come out. Therefore it created to 8. December 1854 as Vikar in Issoudun the community of the heart Jesu Missionare (“mission acres of the holiest heart Jesu of Issoudun”, originals: “Missionnaires you Sacré Coeur de Jésus”; shortened: MSC)

development of the medal

Kongregation and statutes became for the first time 1869 and finally to 24. June 1891 papal confirms. The spheres of activity cover the Missionierung, the line of Exerzitien and Apostoli schools as institutes for preparation for occupations of mission and the maintenance of institutes for welfare service. 1959 counted the medal 3000 members in 12 provinces, under it the German with the seat in at that time the still independent Hiltrup with Münster (Westphalia). For the promotion of the heart Jesu admiration and the cult of our love woman of the holiest heart Jesu and for mission work Chevalier with Marie Louise Hartzer 1874-82 donated the Kongregation of the “Filles de Notre-Dame you to Sacré Coeur” (“daughters of our love woman of the holiest heart Jesu”), which was confirmed 1928 by the Pope at that time. Chevalier was appointed 1872 the ore priest. By its working Issoudun developed to the largest Marienwallfahrtsort in central France.

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