Jules Mazarin

Kardinal-Premier Mazarin
cardinal Prime Minister Mazarin

Jules Mazarin (* 14. July 1602 in Pescina, Italy; † to 9. March 1661 in Vincennes, France, birth name: Giulio Mazarini) was a French diplomat, a cardinal and a governing Minister.


Mazarin comesfrom a rising Italian family.1609 to 1619 it visits the Jesuitenkolleg in Rome, before it goes for a study of the jurisprudence to Spain. it attains a doctorate to 1622 in Rome and steps two years later into the services Pope Urbans VIII. 1634 to 1636 workit as papal Nuntius in Paris. it into the services cardinal Richelieus steps 1640 and in the year after the cardinal is appointed. After death Richelieus 1642 he takes over its office as governing Ministers and keeps it also, as after the death of LudwigXIII. (1643) its widow Anna of Austria (probably morganatisch married it) the regency for the still minor successor to the throne Ludwig XIV. exercises and after these 1651 for of age one explained and one crowned. With regard to foreign policy Mazarin is extremely successful. With the negotiations to Westfäli peace in Münster 1648 it achieves important territorial gains and influence possibilities for France, likewise in the Pyrenees peace 1659 with Spain. France ascends thereby to prominent continental-European power. it brought the Rhine federation in the west of Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden under French influence to 1658.

Kardinal Jules Mazarin in seiner Bibliothek
Cardinal Jules Mazarinin its library

relating to domestic affairs it is first because of the dreissigjährigen war a little active. It continues the absolutist policy Richelieus, i.e. Mazarin limits the rights of the parliaments of highest Courts of Justice mentioned and cuts the Feudalrechte of the high aristocracy. It reacts too late, as the increasing opposition 1648 in armed rebellions, which escalates so-called Fronde. Only 1653 succeed it to it to thrash after twice escape in the foreign country, the opposition of aristocracy and high judge shank and to strengthen the position of the crown again and further strengthen. Ludwig XIV. leaves it thereupon Francegovern nearly without reservation up to its death.

Time of its life was Mazarin an inspired book fool and developed itself a private library . These covered more than 5,000 works, which were bequeathed after its death of a French university.

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