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Jules Verne (* 8. February 1828 in Nantes; † 24. March 1905 in Amiens) was a French writer.

Jules Verne

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Science Fiction, or…

Jules Verne was one the inventor of the Science Fiction novel. He regarded himself however as an author“scientifically instructing novels”, as it called it: The attentive reader is informed about the fauna , Flora , Geografie and history of the bereisten areas. Occasionally whole chapters are purely informative excursion ions, like z. B. the first chapter “the slave trade” insecond part “in Africa” of the novel “a captain of 15 years”.

So also the various inventions are not products of the fantasy, but carefully possibilities investigated. However from the fact already it results that some the progressive movement means from the novels JulesVernes of late reality will had. Some were even already realized, even if not yet generally admits: From Jules Verne is delivered, the Italians 60 years before captain Nemo would have built submarines the statement.

Life and work

also todaystill world-well-known and read author valid as one the inventor of the Science Fiction novel grew on in the shipowner quarter of the port Nantes as the oldest of five children of a lawyer and a nut/mother originating from shipowner circles. With eleven he tried secretly a sea voyage asSchiffsjunge to begin, was gotten however in the last moment still by board. Afterwards it completed good the High School and studied jurisprudence, because it should take over paternal lawyer practice.

At the latest as a student in Paris it began to write however and receivedContact to the world of the man of letters, among other things to Alexandre Dumas father, who promoted it somewhat, and to its son Alexandre Dumas, with which it itself made friends. It remained after conclusion of the study (1850) in Paris and triedfirst particularly as a stage author in different category, from the tragedy to the opera libretto.

1851 appeared in a literary magazine its first telling text. Its Sujet “navigation and journeys” did not release Verne away, although he first stillfar also Libretti, comedies and narrations with completely different topic wrote.1855 appeared its first travel and adventure novel Un hivernage dans les glaces (= one winter in the ice).

1857 he married a widow with two children (with whom it soonthird had) and tried thereafter some years for Broterwerb moderately successfully in the civil occupation of a Börsenmaklers. Beside it made two ship journeys (to Scotland and to Norway), which it the world the navigation opened, and naturallyit could not leave also the letter.

1862 he became acquainted with the umtriebigen youth book publisher Pierre Jules Hetzel, which removed its straight finished first Science fiction novel Cinq of semaines EN balloon (=fünf weeks in the balloon) from him, it for further novels the same kind obligatedand it to the public-effective letter trained. At the latest over Hetzel Verne came into contact with natural scientists and inventors, who extended its knowledge, advised it technically and to it ideas entered.

After the success of the Cinq of semaines it had its break-through as an authorcreated and could live now well on his feather/spring. In the following years it wrote countless novels, which et usually fortsetzungsweise in Hetzels youth magazine magazine illustré d'éducation de récréation published, before they came out also as book. Vernes actual domain hereand remained travel and adventure novels were with more or less large Science fiction portion, in which it anticipated with much scientific and technical intuition as well as with the help of its immense Zettelkastens some late realized development.

Its itself to a predominantly young person andpassably not only in France epoch, but owing to translations in completely Europe and America made formed male public of arranging books. The most well-known are:1863/64 Voyages et aventures you capitaine have-race (and adventures of captain H =Reisen.); 1864 Voyage outer centre de la Terre (=Reise for the center of the earth); 1865 De la Terre à la Lune (=von the earth to the moon); 1869 Autour de la Lune (=rund around the moon) as well as Vingt mille of lieues sous la more mer (=20.000Miles under the sea).

1872 came Le route you moons EN quatre vingt jours (=die journey around the world in 80 days) out, Vernes largest edition hit, which he adapts successfully with a CO author also for the theatre. 1876 appeared in Siberia around a “courier of the Zaren” (so the title of the German translation) playing adventure Politkrimi Michel Strogoff, from which a successful piece was likewise made.

At the latest since Le route you moons was Verne enriches man. The admission into those Académie française, which he tried to operate 1883, failed however. But it made many journeys (partially. with own engine sail yachts) and a representative house in its residence maintained Amiens, the hometown of its wife. Here it was starting from 1888 alsomoderated as liberal monarchist on left list) always red-elect local politician actively, who engaged itself in particular for the town planning and the theatre.

After 1880 Verne had exceeded its creative zenith, but wrote and published it to short before its death nearlynonstop further, whereby its technique and Fortschrittsgläubigkeit appears gradually more absorbed and it became politically increasingly conservative. Its position in France as very more popular, of generations of young people read author is (up to the international radiant emittance) not dissimilarly thatby Karl May in Germany, whereby, likewise as with the latter, who came largest part of its over 90 novels, above all the late, soon into oblivion.

Naturally Vernes have action-rich novels in 20. Century many film producers provoked. Kept not coincidental 1954 the first nuclear-powered submarine of the world, the American Nautilus, the name of the futuristic submarine of captain Nemo from Vingt mille of lieues sous la more mer.


of novels and narrations

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Titelbild der französischen Originalausgabe von Zwei Jahre Ferien
frontispiece of the French expenditure for original of two yearsHolidays
Titelblatt von Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen, 1875
title page of journey around the earth in 80 days, 1875
Kapitän Nemo. 20.000 Meilen unter'm Meer
captain Nemo. 20,000 miles unter'm sea
  • Paris aux 20e siécle, 1860 / 1999 (German: Paris in 20. Century; the unpublished manuscript was verschollen for a long time and becamein the deduction found) ISBN 3596139538
  • Cinq of semaines EN balloon. 1863 (German: Five weeks in the balloon)
  • Voyage outer centre de la terre. 1864 (German: Journey for the center of the earth)
  • De la terre à la lune. 1865 (German: From the earth to the moon)
  • Les of aventures you Capitaine have-race. 1866 (German: Adventures captain have-race)
  • to Le Désert de glace. 1866 (German: The ice desert)
  • Les Anglais of outer poles north. 1866 (German: The Englishmenat the north pole)
  • Les enfants you capitaine Grant. 1868 (German: The children captain Grant)
  • Autour de la lune. 1870 (German: Journey around the moon)
  • Vingt mille of lieues sous les mers. 1870 (German: 20,000 milesunder the sea)
  • Une ville seam aunt. 1871 (German: A swimming city)
  • Aventures de trois soot et de trois Anglais dans l'Afrique australe. 1872 (German: Adventure of three Russians and three Englishmen in South Africa)
  • Le paysthe fourrures. 1873 (German: The country of the furs or on outguards in the country of the furs)
  • Le route you moons EN quatre vingts jours. 1873 (German: In 80 days around the world, also journey around the earth in80 days)
  • Le Chancellor. 1875 (German: The Chancellor or the last travel of the “Chancellor”)
  • L'Ile mystérieuse. 1875 (German: The mysterious island)
  • Michel Strogoff. Moscou - Irkoutsk. 1876 (German: The courier of the Zaren)
  • Hector Servadac. 1877 (German: Hektor Servadacs journey by the sun world or journey by the sun world or journey by the solar system)
  • Un capitaine de quinze to. 1878 (German: A captain of fifteen years)
  • Les tribulations d'un chinoisEN Chine. 1879 (German: Suffering Chinese in China)
  • Le maison à vapeur. 1880 (German: The steam house)
  • Le Jangada. Huit cents lienes sur l'Amazone . 1881 (German: The Jangada or 800 miles on the Amazon)
  • Le rayon vert. 1882 (German: The green jet or green lights)
  • the L'École of the Robinsons. 1882 (German: The school of the Robinsons)
  • Kéraban le tetu. 1883 (German: Keraban the rigid head)
  • archipelago EN feu. 1884 (German: The archipelago in flames)
  • L'étoile you south. 1884 (German: The south star or the country of the diamonds)
  • the Findling of the wreck of the Cynthia. 1885
  • Mathias Sandorf. 1885 (German: Mathias Sandorf)
  • a Lotterie lot. 1886
  • Robur le Conquérant. 1886 (German: Robur of the conquerers)
  • Le Chemin de France. 1887 (German: The way to France)
  • north contre south. 1887 (German: North against south)
  • Deux to the de vacances. 1888 (German: Two yearsHolidays)
  • La Famille sans nom. 1889 (German: The family without name)
  • Sans dessus dessous. 1889 (German: The shot at the Kilimandscharo or no disorder)
  • César Cascabel. 1890 (German: Cäsar Cascabel)
  • Mistress Branican. 1891 (German: Mistress Branican or Mrs. Branican)
  • Le Château of the Carpathes. 1892 (German: The Karpathenschloss)
  • Claudius Bombarnac. 1893 (German: Claudius Bombarnac)
  • P'tit bonhomme. 1893 (German: The Findling)
  • Mirifiques Aventures de Maître Antifer. 1894 (German: MasterAntifers marvelous adventures)
  • L'île à hélice. 1895 (German: The propeller island)
  • Clovis Dardentor. 1896 (German: Clovis Dardentor)
  • Face outer drapeau. 1896 (German: The invention of spoiling)
  • Le Sphinx of the glaces. 1897 (a kindContinuation of the novel the adventures Arthur Gordon Pym of Edgar Allan Poe, German: The Eissphinx)
  • Le superbe Orénoque. 1898 (German: The proud Orinoco)
  • Le will d'un excentrique. 1899 (German: The will of an eccentric one or Will of a Exzentrikers).
  • Seconde patrie. 1900 (German: The second native country)
  • Le many situation aérien. 1901 (German: The village in air)
  • Les Histoires de Jean Marie Cabidoulin. 1901 (German: Histories of Jean Marie Cabidoulin)
  • LesFrères Kip. 1902 (German: The brothers Kip)
  • Bourses de voyage. 1903 (German: Rice-tip-serve)
  • Le Maître you moons. 1904 (German: The gentleman of the world)
  • Un drame EN Livonie. 1904 (German: A drama in live country)
  • L'Invasion de la more mer. 1905 (German: The break-down of the sea)
  • Le Phare you bout you moons. 1905 (German: The lighthouse at the end of the world).
  • Le volume CAN d'or. 1906 (German: The gold volcano).
  • L'Agence Thompsonand C°. 1907 (German: Travel agency Thompson & cost.)
  • Le Pilote you Danube. 1908 (German: The pilot of the Danube or the Danube pilot)
  • La chasse outer météore. 1908 (German: The hunt for the meteor or the hunton the meteor)
  • Les Naufragés you Jonathan. 1909 (German: The shipwrecked ones the Jonathan or Gestrandeten')
  • the L'étonnante aventure de la mission Barsac. 1920 (German: The amazing adventure of the expedition Barsac)
  • end time history the eternal Adam. 1910 of its son Michel Verne became in some cases falsely Jules Verne zugechrieben.
Caricature of 1884

Kurzgeschichten and narrations

  • Les Prime Minister of navires de la navy mexicane. 1851 (German: The first ships of the Mexican navy)
  • Un voyage ENballoon. 1851 (1874 under the title Un drame dans le airs published; German: A drama in air)
  • Martin Paz. 1852
  • Les Châteaux EN Californie ou Pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse. 1852
  • Maitre Zachariusou more l´Horloger qui A perdu son ame. 1854 (German: Master Zacharius)
  • Un hivernage dans le glaces. 1855 (German: A hibernation in the ice)
  • Le comte de Chatelaine. 1864
  • Un épisode de la révolution. 1864 (German: An episode of the revolution)
  • Le forceurs de blocus. 1865 (German: Die Blockadebrecher)
  • an imagination of Doctor Ox. 1874 (German: An idea of the Dr. Ox)
  • Frritt Flacc. 1886 (German: Frritt Flacc)
  • Gil Braltar. 1887
  • La journée d'un journaliste américain EN 2889. 1889 (German: One day from the life of a journalist in the year 2889; by Vernes if son Michel was written, however geographical works appeared pictorial geography of France


  • the name of the father). 1867
  • Découverte de la Terre. 1870/1878 (German: The discovery of the earth)
  • Les Grands Navigateurs you XVIIIe Siècle. 1879 (German: The large sailors 18. Century)
  • Les Explorateurs you XIXe siècle. 1880

(German: ThatTriumph 19. Century)

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