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Friday, 1. July 2005

Saturday, 2. July 2005

  • Bagdad/Iraq. Iraqi UN-Ambassador Samir aluminium-Sumaidaie accused the American army of to have its cousin „cold-bloodedly murdered “. Mohammed aluminium-Sumaidaie was killed in the last week during a house search in Ramadi, made by US soldiers, by a neck shot.

Sunday, 3. July 2005

Monday, 4. July 2005

  • Pasadena/USA. The so-called. „Impactor “of the American comet probe Deep Impact collided to temple 1 “with the comet „. The 370 kg heavy projectile is hit and a subject cloud produced at the today's Independence Day around 7:52 clock Central European Summer Time on the comet, which was observed world-wide by telescopes and measuring instruments, in order to supply explanation about the composition from comets to. The evaluation of the won data can take several months or years.

Wednesday, 6. July 2005

Thursday, 7. July 2005

Saturday, 9. July 2005

  • Birmingham/Great Britain. The nightclub district and the district China Town were evacuated from the police. A serious threat was present on an assassination attempt.
  • Karibik. A tropical eddy tower leads to heavy inundations in the Karibik. On the large Antilleses at least 20 humans die, more than 100 are missed. The storm pulls to far direction Florida.
  • The Sudan. After a constitutional amendment the past rebel leader John Garang is sworn in as a vice-president of the country, the oil-rich south Sudan receives a limited autonomy. The agreement is to terminate over 20-year old civil war between the centre government and the separatists of the Sudanese people release army (SPLA).

Sunday, 10. July 2005

Monday, 11. July 2005

Tuesday, 12. July 2005

  • Monaco. Albert Grimaldi became as Albert II. Prince of Monaco as successors of its father Rainier III. inthronisiert. After the solemn office for high a people celebration and a public ball took place in the evening.
  • Switzerland/Iraq. That Geneva Hochschulinstitut for international studies submitted a new study, according to which by the US-led invasion in the Iraq 39,000 native ones were killed. Two other sources speak of 26.000 dead ones. The British medicine magazine The Lancet determined however even 100,000 dead civilians.

Wednesday, 13. July 2005

Thursday, 14. July 2005

Friday, 15. July 2005

Saturday, 16. July 2005

Monday, 18. July 2005

  • Serbia. during the process because of the murder of the former Serbian president Ivan Stambolic the accused ones of, several members of the special unit are condemned „red toques “as well as a high-ranking secret service coworker, to detentions of many years.

Thursday, 21. July 2005

  • Berlin. Federal President Horst charcoal burner communicates that he before the 15. German Bundestag dissolved and so the way for new elections opened.
  • London/Great Britain. According to unconfirmed reports a backpack is to have exploded in a Londoner underground station, a person is to have been hurt. Three underground stations were evacuated, several underground lines stopped the enterprise. In addition on an explosion in a bus one reported. (Wikinews article)
  • in Yemen unrests continue because of the increase of the petroleum prices by the government. Four humans died in collisions between armed demonstrators with safety forces in the city aluminium-Dali (scarcely 500,000 inhabitants), 250 kilometers south the capital Sana'a. In addition ten humans were hurt. The number of the dead ones by these unrests rises thereby to 25.(Wikinews article)

Friday, 22. July 2005

  • Hamburg. The world nourishing organization of the UN strikes alarm: In the Sahelzone of west Africa hunger death threatens in the next weeks after harvest losses 3.6 million humans, of it alone 800,000 infants. In the Niger, in Mali and Burkina Faso die already thousands humans at acute food shortage. Punctual warnings of the relief organizations since November 2004 became of the Tsunami - disaster overshadowed and of the media ignores to a large extent. The giver countries gave to donation accounts only 3.6 million dollar from demanded 30 million to . Die Welternährungsorganisation plant ein Programm für 1,2 Millionen Menschen, das auf Soforthilfe der Geberländer angewiesen ist, wenn es das Schlimmste noch verhüten soll. Die jetzige Zuspitzung der Not-Situation war nach einhelliger Meinung der Hilfsorganisationen vermeidbar, rechtzeitige Hilfe hätte nur einen Bruchteil der jetzt nötig gewordenen Kosten beansprucht. Nun seien Sofortspenden in Millionenhöhe unumgänglich. --> the UN: [1]
  • Berlin. Before Reichstag (at the place of the republic) an ultralight aircraft of the type burst Kiebitz with a maximum take-off mass of 400 kg of a private person falls. Security is relating to domestic affairs violently discussed. One proceeds from a suicide .

Saturday, 23. July 2005

  • Sharm El-Sheikh/Egypt. With several explosions in the Egyptian bathing resort Scharm El-sheikh are in the night of 22. on the 23. July 2005 according to newest official instructions at least 88 humans killed and hurt over 200. (Wikinews articles)
  • New York/the USA. In Simbabwe a humanitarian disaster takes place as consequence of obligation resettlements of the government of Simbabwe. This goes out of a report out the Anna Tibaijuka, leading directress of the living and settlement program of the United Nations (UN-Habitat) and special envoys of UN-Secretary-General Kofi Annan, to 20. July submitted. The resettlements were called of the government „operation Murambatsvina “. (Wikinews article)

Sunday, 24. July 2005

Tuesday, 26. July 2005

  • Augsburg. With their statement before the regional court former Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Klaus Kinkel and former Federal Minister of Finance Theo Waigel the former defense undersecretary of state Ludwig Holger of stake relieved Augsburg, the fox feeling tanks German in connection with the supply to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and. A. because of corruptibility before court stands. Pfahls' influence on the business was minimum, explained both witnesses during its statement. The main responsibility has D with the government responsible persons at that time. h. to a large extent with Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl convenient.
  • Cape Canaveral/the USA. Today clock is local time around 10:39 (16: 39 o'clock Central European Summer Time) of the space station Cape Canaveral the US-American space shuttle „Discovery “started in the universe. With it seven astronauts broke to the international space station EAT up.
  • New Delhi/India. After it came already yesterday into Gurgaon, a quarter of the Indian capital new Delhi, to heavy collisions between policemen and striker workers of a hone since work, unrests continue on today's Tuesday. Of India prime minister Manmohan Singh the behavior of policemen in Gurgaon, which had hit with bamboo sticks on demonstrators, disapproved. (Wikinews article)

Thursday, 28. July 2005

  • at the furnace passport in Swiss national park was sighted a brown bear in free game course. The last animal living in Switzerland had been hunted 1904. 1923 had given it for the last time a sifting of an immigrated bear.
  • This morning against 7:50 clock was attacked in Hamburg, quarter Osdorf, a savings bank. The author took a cleaning strength as a hostage. Traffic was interrupted; the police is with a mobile employment command locally [Q: N-TV.de]. The taking of hostages was unblutig terminated against noon, after the Geiselnehmer had voluntarily surrendered.
  • It admits given that Jürgen Schrempp the DaimlerChrysler - company to the year end leaves. Its successor as a chairman of the board becomes Dieter Zet.
  • The Irish Republican Army announces the end of the armed fight [N-TV]
  • the Discovery has without problems to EATS angedockt. Before one photographed shuttles at the sides, in order to document possible damage. If there is similar damage as with the Columbia, must her on EAT remain; the supplying are enough for max. one month out.
  • Kampala/Uganda. In Uganda a country-wide referendum takes place over the introduction of a multiple party system. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had introduced, when he came 1986 to power, „a Nichtparteiensystem “. The influence of political parties was since then very much limited.(Wikinews article)
  • a 45-jährige nut/mother from pc. Peter with Graz (Austria) kills its 15 - and 18-jährigen of the Sohns probably in the sleep. Few hours later it is seized on the escape in Vienna. The motive for this blood act is first unclear.

Friday, 29. July 2005

  • Mars - the water ice planet: ESA space probe Mars express photographs Krater, in which an oval water ice structure is embedded.
  • Further deaths by the mysteriose infection in China. The number of the gotten sick ones is on approx. 150 risen, particularly in the southwest of the country died 31 and 27 in critical state.

Sunday, 31. July 2005

  • Teheran, Isfahan/Iran. Iran builds again nuclear weapons - that is the quintessence of the explanation, those the Iranian government to 31. July announced. The international atomic energy authority in Vienna expressed itself deeply anxiously and shakes by this message. Despite everything the representatives of some European states, of Germany minister of foreign affairs Joschka Fischer, want to still hold all in front to the strategy of the action.
  • Faucon/France. Wim Duisenberg is dead. As the police communicated today in Faucon, the 70 years old former director/conductor of the European central bank dead in the Swimmingpool of its mansion in Southern France was found. Over the exact cause of death still no clarity prevails.
  • Cairo/Egypt. On Saturday in the city center of Cairo a demonstration was by force terminated by opponents of the Egyptian president Muhammad Husni Mubarak. Policemen and supporters of the government hit with clubs on demonstrators. Mubarak, which governs since 1981 in Egypt, had to begin on Thursday announced with the Präsidentenwahl in September again. (Wikinews article)

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