Julia Franck

Julia Franck (* 20. February 1970 in east Berlin) is a German authoress.


Julia Franck moved 1978 with its family to West Berlin. Their further childhood spent the authoress in Schleswig-Holstein. It studied newer German literature andOld America sneezing TIC at the free University of Berlin and was longer time in the United States and in Central America . Afterwards it exercised different activities; among other things it was radio talking document urine with the transmitters free Berlin and free woman employee of different newspapers and magazines. It lives with its twoChildren in Berlin.

1998 received Julia Franck the Alfred Döblin scholarship, 1999 a scholarship of the donation Lower Saxony, 2000 the 3Sat-Preis with the Inge borrowing brook man competition in complaint ford, 2004 the Marie Luise Kaschnitz price, 2005 the Roswitha price and to mansion a Massimo - scholarship. Since 2001 it is member of the German P.E.N. - Center.


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