Julia Matijass

Julia Matijass und Jürgen Fürchtmeyer
Julia Matijass and Jürgen Fürchtmeyer

Julia Matijass (* 22. September 1973 in Ljubino, Soviet Union) is a German Judoka of Russian origin.

Matijass, which belonged to the Russian national cadre until 1994, was promoted there after its exclusion by the German coach Jürgen Fürchtmeyer and gotten after Osnabrück. Since 1999 she is German Staatsbürgerin.

She was twice German Meisterin and 2000 EM-third. With the Judo world championships 2003 in the Japanese Ōsaka it became fifth.

She celebrated the so far largest success of its career with the olympic summer games 2004 in Athens. There it won the bronze medal in the weight class to 48 kg and thus the first medal for Germany with these plays. It was after Johanna Hagn in Atlanta and Anna Maria Gradante in Sydney the third olympic medal for German Judoka women at all.


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