Julian Schutting

Julian Schutting (* 25. October 1937 in Amstetten, Lower Austria as Jutta Schutting) is a Austrian writer.

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Jutta Schutting completed photographic training in Vienna. It retrieved afterwards its Abitur and studied history and Germanistik at the University of Vienna. This study closed it off with the graduation. Starting from 1965 she was a teacher at a higher technical institute in Vienna.

In the year 1989 Jutta Schutting, which had had large problems with their role since its puberty as a woman, changed the sex role, underwent of sex-adapting measures and lives since then under the official name Julian Schutting as free writers in Vienna.

Julian Schuttings work covers Prosa, lyric poetry and languagephilosophical papers. The author, that member of the Austrian P.E.N.- Is club and the Grazer author meeting, kept and. A. the following honors: 1973 the promotion price of the country Lower Austria, 1974 the promotion price of the city Vienna and the culture price of the city Amstetten, 1984 the Anton Wildgans price and 1989 the George Trakl price for lyric poetry.


  • tree in O., Vienna 1973
  • in the language of the islands, Salzburg 1973
  • dipping exercises, Salzburg 1974
  • park murder, Salzburg 1975
  • clearing, Salzburg 1976
  • Sistiana, Salzburg of 1976
  • hobbies, Vienna 1977
  • in the morning before the journey, Salzburg 1978
  • Salzburg retour, Graz [and. A.] 1978
  • door + gate, pc. Polarized 1979 (together with Johann Kräftner)
  • the father, Salzburg 1980
  • the water buffalo, Salzburg [and. A.] of 1981
  • dear poems, Salzburg [and. A.] 1982
  • dear novel, Salzburg [and. A.] 1983
  • the heart of a lion, Salzburg [and. A.] 1985
  • dog history, Salzburg [and. A.] 1986
  • dream speeches, Salzburg [and. A.] of 1987
  • identification dogs, Stuttgart 1988
  • travel fever, Salzburg [and. A.] 1988
  • clarifications, Salzburg [and. A.] of 1990
  • handbills, Salzburg 1990
  • listener troubling, Graz [and. A.] of 1990
  • fathers, Graz [and. A.] 1991 (together with Wolfgang victory mouth)
  • water colors, Salzburg [and. A.] 1991
  • Aufnachtung, Vienna 1992
  • reader annoyances, Graz [and. A.] 1993
  • the winter in the suit, Graz [and. A.] 1993
  • Gralslicht, Salzburg [and. A.] 1994
  • cat days, Salzburg [and. A.] 1995
  • the ice heart blow up, Salzburg [and. A.] 1996
  • the death of my nut/mother, Salzburg [and. A.] 1997
  • Aufstörung, Hamburg 1998
  • century scars, Salzburg [and. A.] 1999
  • Rohübersetzung, Graz [and. A.] 1999
  • reminding entrissen, Salzburg [and. A.] 2001
  • to the roof stone, horn 2002
  • counted days, Salzburg [and. A.] 2002
  • Julian Schutting, pc. Polarized 2002
  • which is beautiful, Graz [and. A.] 2002
  • metamorphosis on revocation, Salzburg [and. A.] 2003
  • night-lateral, Salzburg 2004


  • Gerhard Zeillinger: Childhood and letter, Stuttgart 1995
  • Critical essay on Julian Schutting, Riverside, Calif. 2000

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