Julius Balkow

Julius Balkow (* 26. August 1909 in Berlin; † 19. July 1973) was a Minister for foreign trade and German domestic trade of the GDR.

Balkow completed training as a machine-builder and was after an evening study 1931 engineer for mechanical engineering. It was member of the socialist worker youth, the SPD and later the socialist labour party. Since 1933 he was an engineer with Siemens and worked illegaly for the group around Anton Saefkow. 1944 he was arrested and condemned to seven years penintentiary. It sat until 1945 in the penintentiary Brandenburg.

After the war it joined the KPD/SED and was a district mayor of Berlin. After the study of the society sciences at the University of Leipzig (1947-49) it since 1951 coworkers was in the Ministry for foreign trade and German domestic trade, since 1956 deputy Minister and a 1961-65 Minister.

In addition Balkow was 1963 to 1973 member of the people chamber and the central committee of the SED and 1965 to 1967 of deputy chairmen of the Council of Ministers.

Balkow was distinguished with the patriotic earnings/service medal and the banner of the work.


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