Julius Döpfner

Julius August cardinal Döpfner (* 26. August 1913 in living with bath gravel singing; † 24. July 1976 in Munich) was bishop von Würzburg and Berlin and archbishop of the ore diocese Munich and freesings.


Julius Döpfner was taken up 1925 to the bischöfliche boy seminar Kilianeum to peppering castle, put 1933 down the Abitur as the class-best and received a scholarship of the Collegium Germanicum of the papal University of Gregoriana in Rome. There it received to 29. October 1939 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe. it attains a doctorate to 1941 to the doctor of theology. From 1941 to 1944 it was Kaplan in large barrier city, pig ford and Gochsheim, from 1944 to 1945 Präfekt at the bischöflichen boy seminar Kilianeum in peppering castle. 1945 the appointment as the Subregens at the peppering citizen seminar for priests takes place. The Bamberger archbishop Joseph Otto Kolb weihte it to 14. October 1948 as successors of bishop Matthias Ehrenfried to the bishop von Würzburg. With 35 years he was thereby youngest catholic bishop Europas. To 15. January 1957 appointed it Pius XII. to the bishop of Berlin, the Inthronisation took place in March. To 15. December 1958 took place the collection to the cardinal priest with the title church Santa Maria della Scala via Johannes XXIII., thus Döpfner was a youngest cardinal of the catholic church. At the 3. July 1961 takes place the appointment as, to 30. September the Inthronisation as an archbishop of Munich and freesing. 1961 it was accepted as a member to the federation of the scientific catholic student associations Unitas. Döpfner took 1965 at the second Vatikani council (as one of four moderators) from 1962 - and in June 1963 at the Konklave to the choice Paul VI. part. 1965 he became a chairman of the German bishop conference.

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