Julius German

Julius German (* 2. February 1884 in lacquer brook; † 17. Jänner 1968 in Vienna) was a social-democratic politician and delegate to the Austrian national council between 1920 and 1933.

Julius German attained the German as responsible founders and chairman of the republican defense association meaning, for which as counterweight to the christian-social home weirs developed and recruited themselves to a large part from the GermanAustrian people resistance, as an under-secretary of State in the years 1918 - 19 had organized.

After the defeat of the defense association in the civil war of 1934 and the following prohibition of the social-democratic party he fled into Czechoslovakia. 1936 - to 39 German fought as a general of the republican troops in the Spanish civil war.

To stays in France and the USA he only 1946 returned to Austria , where he led the socialist publishing houses to 1951.

Since 1941 were married German with the authoress Adrienne Thomas.

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