Julius Euting

Julius Euting (* 11. July 1839 in Stuttgart; † 2. January 1913 in Strasbourg) was Orientalist and is enough year for director of the university library in Strasbourg, at that time the center of the Orientforschung.

After the attendance of the Eberhard Ludwig High School in Stuttgart and the seminar in Blaubeuren Julius Euting from 1857 to 1861 theology and eastern languages in Tübingen studied. In the year 1862 it attained a doctorate to the Dr. phil. with a translation and an explanation of some Suren of the Koran. After end of the French-German war 1871 he transferred a place as a librarian at the university library to Strasbourg; 1880 took place the appointment as the tidy fee professor at the emperor William university Strasbourg; 1900 he was appointed the director of the university and federal state library Strasbourg.

Euting undertook several Forschungsreisen into the entire Mediterranean area, to Syria and to northwest Arabia. The day book of a journey to inside Arabia volume I 1896, volume II 1914 has it beyond the experts far away admits made.

He was from 1876 to 1912 a president of the Vogesenclubs. On its desire it was buried in the north Black Forest on the Black Forest high level in the proximity of the resting unity at the game sea-view, where its grave can be visited this very day.

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Julius Euting: Diary of a journey in inside Arabia 1. Part suffering 1896, 2. Part, hrsg. of Enno suffering man, suffering 1914 (reproduction in a volume: Hildesheim 2004).


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