Julius Schaub

Julius Schaub (* 20. August 1898 in Munich; † 27. December 1967 in Munich) was Adolf Hitler personal boss of many years aide, last 1944 in the rank of a SS-Obergruppenführers.

10. October 1920 entrance into the NSDAP as a member No. 81. Participant of theHitlerput of 9. November 1923. Carrier of the blood medal of the late was distributed by Hitler to the participants of the Putsches.

As a personal aide (starting from 1940 as successors of SA upper group leader Wilhelm Brückners) Schaub, to which the NSDAP belonged since its beginnings, was constant in Hitler's proximity andknew private and personal conditions of Hitler like no second. Hitler was witness at the marriage with the second marriage Schaubs in the 30's.

No intellectual heavyweight and gladly the alcohol added, was Schaub thereby absolutely loyal, discreetly and reliably, characteristics, Hitler at it probablyat most estimated. It was constant during the war with Hitler, in its respective leader headquarters. By this constant operational readiness level Schaub was also always in the best way about the respective pysisch and psychological condition of Hitler informed, and thus one of the high Nazi leaders ( Göring, Ribbentrop,etc.) gladly used source of information, in order to be informed about moods and state of health of the dictator from first hand.

It was Schaub, the 1945 before the death of Hitler the leader shelter in Berlin left briefly and on personal instruction of Hitler in its dwelling in Munich and upall personal documents from Hitler's safe deposits to the upper salt mountain took and burned.

After the war arrested by the Americans 1945 in close proximity to Berchtesgaden and until 1949 in different camps interns. Schaub lived after its Entnazifizierung as a druggist in Munich. A war crimes trial did not become itmade, since no personal participation in war crimes could be proven to it.

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